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Window reveal not showing in 2D floor plans!?

Hello, I'm having some issues with my floor plan not showing window reveals and was wondering if anyone knows why?The window settings seem to be ok, the reveal even shows in 3D views. But in floor plans they're non existent? Thanks!

move railing post

I want move railing post according to cloud , I cant did not move , and not showing move or properties option, how to move this , please help I'm new here

Archicad 26 - 2D Antialiasing - Possible BUG

Hi, i usually work on a 27" inch 4k display at 150% windows scaling and with 2D antialiasing turned off. Half the lines are thick and blurry. Scaling at 100% is a bit better but you can still see the the problem.No problem at all with Archicad 25.

henryL by Enthusiast
  • 21 replies

Archicad on M2 MacBook Pros?

Although I’m working full time at an office, I’m considering getting my own AC license and practicing or doing freelance work on my own personal machine. And as I need to replace my old laptop anyway, I’m considering one of the new M2 MacBook Pros. C...

feniss by Participant
  • 12 replies

Change window or door parametrics

Hi, Is there a way to create you own windows or change parameters as I shown below. I need to change upper limitation of angle for example.


Can't hide hidden lines in 3d document

Hello everyone! I'm having an hard time with Archicad recently. I'm trying to create a long distance perspective but when I create a 3d document, for no reason it shows hidden lines inside my buildings. Of course they are alI disabled in 3d documents...

Schermata 2022-07-18 alle 10.55.30.png

Archicad File Size on Teamwork?

Hi all, Archicad beginner here, and I have recently joined a practice based in a different city. We have been collaborating via Teamwork on a commercial / hospitality interior architectural fit out. We are currently at the early stage of Design Devel...

1.png Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 8.49.31 am.png
felixsaw by Participant
  • 3 replies

Working with MEP Modeler in Archicad 22

I have been using Archicad 22 INT and I would like to use MEP Modeler. Efforts to get relief form local distributor was not helpful as it requires I update to the current version. Can somebody tell me how to overcome this issue. I have a code meter d...