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best method for modelling a roof.

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Hi guys i have a roof to model as shown. the next pic shows 3 methods i have used to model it.
firstly using normal roof planes, secondly using the tent object and finally using custom profile walls.

my main question is which method is best to use? and is there a way to add cadimage roof acessory to a non roof object?

thanks in advance.

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here is the second image with the 3 different roofs.
the other problem i have just noticed is that the walls will not trim to roof with the other 2 methods.

It seems to me that the method of the Dome Vaulted Roof will do the job here. And it will trim the walls. Use the Tangent method and choose values that correspondes to the roof. Doubleclick after finishing the form of the roof as seen fram the Gable (sic!) Then first drag down and then up to the lenght of the Roof.

Watch it in 3D to control.

To make a Asian twist to the Gable: Move Nodes by drawing helplines and then move towards the helplines.

I hope this was useful. CadImage is not my department....yet...
Ingolf Sundfør, Bricklayer, Author of several Real Life Problem Solving Books for Archicaddicts in Norway.
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Well, the roof accessories work only on the roofs, right? However, being that the vaulted roof is made out of many flat roof planes, it is a question HOW will they work.

The Complex profile - if used with a wall tool - will "trim" another wall, provided their reference lines meet correctly, making a correct model, but it will still not be the roof.

The object can work, but then you are off on the SEO path which can be painful. Plus, it is zero thickness, so the SEOs will probably not work.

The vaulted roof is versatile ... it is a bit of a pain to adjust all the small bits to the curved plan of the gable, but it is manageable. Don't forget to CTRL click the joining edges of the ridge!

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thanks guys for the replies,
the 'doomed' vaulted roof is a headache for me and only seems to be makable in 3d. maybe im missing something?

and yes the roof acessories only seem to work on roofs, which makes the doomed vaulted roof appear as many different roof plans, which means a bit of fiddling around with the roof acessory.
may have to play with it a bit more.

Hello Splitlid!

I am not sure if I am answering you....
But this is the method to make a Barrel Roof (The second alternative of the Dome/Barrel method).

The importent point is to double click when you have finished the geometry of the roof gable (the short side of the roof). Then drag down to ensure the orientation of the roof. Then you drag upwards to decide the lenght of the roof. Finished! Look at it in 3D!

Best luck to your project!

(All ideas free to you from my new book: The House of Grethe)
Ingolf Sundfør, Bricklayer, Author of several Real Life Problem Solving Books for Archicaddicts in Norway.
PC/i7/W10/ArchiCAD 6.5-26

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cheers ingolf,

thats helped alot.

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