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how to prevent miter of two beams?

i am creating the eave of a porch

the barge board from the gable end is touching the end of the fascia board that holds the gutter

it is trying to miter the two beam elements as they touch

i just want to see the vertical end cut of the barge board terminating the fascia board

what setting do I need to adjust on the objects to not interact parametrically with each other?

thanks much!
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Either put them on different layers that are in different Intersection Groups or draw them in a way that the reference lines do not touch.


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Ling, thank you
I looked up intersection & see the reference info now

if i can follow up with you...
these elements organizationally belong to the same group (painted wood trim) for the purposes of understanding the construction.
[and I see that I must separate them somehow to divorce the interactivity for the purposes of archicad operability]
i don't want to set the trim layer to 0 interaction because I still need auto-intersections for other trim
and it appears this setting isn't an object level setting
what do experienced people do to track these conditions? multiple trim layers?
if i'm understanding the alternate option you suggested...are you suggesting it would be enough to make the reference lines in "opposite" corners from each other. [these two elements do need to touch]
thanks for you help!

[edit to add] i'm just seeing that interaction numbers change based on the layer i'm back to confused on the best way forward...
mac ACv27/4001, US full, Sonoma 14.1.2, 2020 iMac/2023 MacBook Pro
Flip one of your beams, that reference lines (blue line in 3d) wouldn't touch each other. If that is not helping and beams still 'sensitive' to each other - make small gap - let say millimetre or half.
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What ever layer your trim is in (let's say it is called "Trim") then duplicate that layer (so you have now "Trim_2" as well.

Make sure that layer has a different Intersection Priority Number compared to the original 'Trim" layer.
Then make sure it turns on/off in all of the layer combinations the same as the original "Trim" layer does.
The IPNs are saved in each layer combination so make sure they are different in each layer combination when those layers are turned on together.

Now place one of those trims in the "Trim_2" layer.
They will now turn on/off together but will not interact with each other.

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