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replacing 3d mesh lines with beams?

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Hi guys.I'm using archicad for a while now but i still can't control the 3d organic chapter so i'm tryng to evolve.
i just found these 2 examples online and i've been grinding my teeth for a while cause i can't find the correct workflow .

nr 1. Regarding the glass shells, the top one must be a mesh, what i cannot understand is how he got the frame thickness on the dividing panel lines (top dome)- is there a trick to turn mesh lines into beams or custom profiles that follow 3d slopes ?

nr 2. what's the workflow in creating these dome shaped-strutted glaspanes?
glass: shell, mesh or SEO?
struts: again, how do you place those profiles so that they follow inclination
p.s. i can see that the 2 components are overlayed "by hand" due to the irregular clipping (glass curved, beam straight)

nr 3. what's the best technique in creating windows like shown in this example?
i went with the "complex profiles beams + SEO" cutting technique but i find it too time consuming regarding that you would have 40 different window-shapes = 40 diff profiles that you have to customize, difficult to modify later.
...including the black glass.

Sorry fr the long post. Thanks

p.s. could not upload 2 pics so i linked the album

Pics 2 + 3


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No takers for these questions? :s

Eduardo Rolon
I wrote this some time ago, it might help.
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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Thank you so much.
I owe you a beer Sir!

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