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shortcut for scroll-zoom

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In the Archicad 18, I can hit the "-" key and it will zoom out. Supposedly, when you hit the "+" key it will zoom in. However, on a MAC I have to hit shift, "+". This doesn't work. I prefer to use keystrokes for everything. How can I get a keystroke for zoom-in? I can't find this function in the choices for creating keystrokes. Any solution?
Barry Kelly
I can't say specifically for a MAC but the command you want to change the shortcut for is "Zoom In (scrollbar) - not just "Zoom in" - that is the one where you define the window area on screen.
It should be set to this by default.

Make sure you use the plain '+' key on the numeric keypad if you have one.
Don't use the '+' above the '=' key as you need to press SHIFT for that one.
That is if you MAC has a separate numeric keypad.
If it doesn't that is why you have to press 'SHIFT+' as main key is '='.
The '-' works as that is the main function of that key.

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Thank you. Not sure why I didn't see that before. Yes, my Macbook Pro doesn't have a numeric keypad or a "+" sign on its own. There are many functions with a Mac that takes 2 keystrokes where a PC just has one. A bit frustrating sometimes. Thanks much.
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Just wanted to point out that professional laptops often don't have the separate number pads as it makes the user sit offset from the center of the monitor and causes one to slightly turn ones head which is hard on the neck. So an external # pad is used with laptops that have a long sessions of work done at them.
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Thanks. Had not thought about the reason why, but that make a lot of sense.
The zoom + and - keys dont' work on mine. And the mouse [mac] scrolls in only but can't seem to zoom i need to get the other mouse?
Lilian Seow
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