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teamwork backup


I'm currently using Archicad 25.

In the previous version, Archicad 24 BIMcloud Basic, I was able to log into the bimserver and downloaded any backup teamwork file that I need just fine.

I've been looking all over the bimserver and the "rollback" feature is grey out and I don't see any backup file available for me to download. Has this feature been disabled?


My current work environment has "make backup copy" feature checked.

I have been browsing in my Graphisoft local folder and I haven't been a backup, where could it be located??

I have also looked in the "TW Data" folder and I don't see any .backup file available in there

am I in the wrong folder directory?




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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

The "Make Backup Copy" checkbox will make Archicad create a backup file (*.bpn) next to the *.pln file. It has nothing to do with Teamwork files or BIMcloud.

It seems that BIMcloud Server Backups became a feature in AC25 that is available in BIMcloud, but not in BIMcloud Basic as the following web page shows:

And I think if Server Backups are not available in BIMcloud Basic, Rollbacks are not available either.

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