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Modelling my hand-drawn University Project in Archicad

I recently came across a project from my first year as an architecture student, and since the paper model I had is long gone, I thought of modelling it with Archicad so as to keep record of it for my portfolio. The building is a 2-story family house,...

EXPD6 Perspective.png Screenshot_3.png hand drawn plans.png Terrain corrected.gif

Archicad Design Checker

Design Checker is a new Archicad functionality that offers easy-to-use model checking capabilities for users to capture errors as they design, right inside Archicad. It utilizes a cloud service called Solibri Inside developed by Nemetschek sister com...

ArchicadDesignChecker.png SolibriInsideChecks.png PropertiesCheckResults.png LastCheck.png

Opening Tool - Surface Overrides

The Opening Tool is more precise and flexible The Opening Tool is one of the most frequently used Archicad tools in any project for the modeling, information management, and documentation of openings. Prior to Archicad 26, openings automatically used...

EmokeCsikos_0-1654014079874.png EmokeCsikos_1-1654014079876.png EmokeCsikos_2-1654014079878.png EmokeCsikos_3-1654014079930.png

Custom 2D Details for Archicad Windows

Note: This article was originally published on AsiaBIM and was written for Archicad 21 mainly for architects working on the Singaporean market.Some users like to have their own 2D representations created with lines and fills for the default window wi...

window2d_08-copy.png window2d_01-e1490586545591.png window2d_02.png window2d_03.png

Importing Point Clouds and Modelling the Terrain

A quick way of inserting the representation of the terrain to our model is using the point cloud import feature of Archicad. Point clouds are more and more popular since they can give the most detailed surveying results, however at the same time need...

openpitmine.jpg screen-shot-2016-02-05-at-11-14-19.png screen-shot-2016-02-05-at-11-40-21.png screen-shot-2016-02-05-at-11-45-53.png

Creating Topography in Archicad from AutoCAD Survey Data

Prepare the AutoCAD file Open Surveyor’s dwg file and check whether it is done as per local practice/standards, for example: Units = Meters Block or Point is used to represent each survey point and placed at a correct global coordinate (X,Y,Z) – Use ...

to01.png to02.png to03.png to04.png

Ramp Parapet with Morph Tool

Place a Ramp Object I felt it is good to share some software specific tips and tricks in between my posts focusing on interoperability. In this post I am sharing a tip on how to create guard walls (parapets) along the edge of a curved ramp using Morp...

ramp01.png ramp02.png ramp03.png ramp04.png

Frameless Corner Windows

One kind of a recurring issue is how to create the frameless corner windows, using just a mitered glass connection as below: Switching to the Custom Corner… tab page of the Window settings however doesn’t allow us to choose Glass, but Frame or Corner...

cow01.png cow02.png cow03.png

Joining Wall Segments

Adding new nodes to a Wall when editing it via the Pet palette eventually creates segments which cannot be joined again using an inverse command or such. Though it is not something you could not solve by deleting one of the segments and edit the rema...

mw01.png mw02.png mw03.png mw04.png

Grasshopper-Archicad Live Connection for MAC Test Run

The MAC version of the Grasshopper-Archicad Live Connection has been released recently, so it was high time doing a test run on this platform as well. The following is not focusing on the performance and the features, the pure intention is to give so...


Editable Topography from Archicad to Revit

Recently came accross a situation where the Design Architect need to exchange Archicad model with their project partners. The Main Contractor was using REVIT for their BIM process. So, there was a need for conversion of Archicad model to REVIT model ...

t2r01.png t2r02.png t2r03.png t2r04.png

Creating Contour Lines of Meshes without Ridges

Archicad Meshes can be created in many different ways – by creating level ridges based on external drawings, by importing point clouds and modeling the terrain based on it or importing text files with the coordinates and then let Archicad automatical...

tc01.png tc02.png tc03.png tc04.png

Custom Curtain Wall Junctions

Creating custom components from scratch using the default tools and saving them as objects is a relatively simple way to extend the content libraries thanks to the File/Libraries and Objects…/Save Selection as… command. However this menu doesn’t list...

cwj14.png cwj01.png cwj02.png cwj03.png

Converting Sketch Models into BIM Models

There seems to be a clash between design sketch models (typically coming from SketchUp or Rhino, but even if they are created with Archicad) and models created for proper BIM use when we need to convert one to the other since they are built with comp...

rlhs01.png rlhs02-2.png rlhs03-2.png rlhs04-2.png

Snow Globe series: Santa's SPA by Andrii Levko

Welcome to our series of articles from the Snow Globe Challenge! We invited some of the designers who participated in the challenge to elaborate on their entries, share their workflows and tips&tricks. Enjoy and feel free to drop us a comment if you ...

Santa's SPA and winter bathing.jpeg Picture 1.jpg Picture 2.jpg Picture 3.jpg

Snow Globe series: Christmas In Space by Kamen Nikolov

Welcome to our series of articles from the Snow Globe Challenge! We invited some of the designers who participated in the challenge to elaborate on their entries, share their workflows and tips&tricks. Enjoy and feel free to drop us a comment if you ...

GLOBE.jpeg Picture 1.png Picture 3.png Picture 4.png

Snow Globe series: Snowy Pasargad by Sepideh Kolahi

Welcome to our series of articles from the Snow Globe Challenge! We invited some of the participants of the challenge to elaborate on their entries, share their workflows and tips&tricks. Enjoy and feel free to drop us a comment if you have any quest...

Snow Globe_Sepideh Kolahi.jpeg RubiaTorres_0-1644226252317.jpeg RubiaTorres_2-1644226252348.jpeg RubiaTorres_3-1644226252359.jpeg

How to Create a Basement Stair and Bulkhead Door

In order to efficiently model a basement stair and bulkhead door (i.e. not creating extra cutting bodies) elements need to be created and cut in a specific order. These steps are listed below 1. Make sure that a mesh has been placed around the outsid...

wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Screen-Shot-2019-08-07-at-9.23.03-AM.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Screen-Shot-2019-08-02-at-2.26.26-PM-1024x896.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Screen-Shot-2019-08-02-at-3.44.22-PM-1024x847.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Screen-Shot-2019-08-02-at-3.51.51-PM-1024x634.png

How to Create a Railing with Evenly Spaced Posts on a Mesh

Follow the steps below to create a railing with evenly spaced posts that follows the contour of a mesh. 1. Create a poly line where the railing will be. 2. Open the Set Snap Point Values dialogue box. 3. In the Snap Point Values dialogue box, set the...

wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Screen-Shot-2019-08-01-at-2.39.24-PM-1024x1024.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Screen-Shot-2019-08-01-at-2.39.51-PM.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Screen-Shot-2019-08-01-at-2.40.03-PM.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Screen-Shot-2019-08-01-at-2.40.12-PM.png

Editable Topography from ARCHICAD to Revit

This original article is written by Chidam and can be found at ASIABIM: Occasionally, the Designer needs to exchange BIM models with other project partners. If each ...

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Enhancements of the Built-in MEP Modeler

MEP Modeler Add-On has become the core part of Archicad 24 as an integrated design tool. The second update of Archicad 24 includes major MEP improvements primarily for increasing effectiveness. This article describes a new feature and further enhance...

wp-content_uploads_2020_11_Predefined-Sizes-dialog2.png wp-content_uploads_2020_09_MEP-Routing-Options-Bending-Radius-.png wp-content_uploads_2020_11_Predefined-if-applicable.gif wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png

How to better control Slab and Mesh displayed on multiple stories

Many times we want to show a slab or a mesh on a story above or below its home position. To control which story a slab or mesh is displayed, there are some presets that can be found under Slab/Mesh Settings dialog: Floor Plan and Section > Floor Plan...

wp-content_uploads_2020_07_show-on-stories.png wp-content_uploads_2020_07_info-box.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png wp-content_uploads_2020_07_custom-option.png

Integrated MEP Modeler in Archicad

The BIM collaboration between architectural, structural and MEP engineering disciplines needs software solutions that aid this collaboration. It is becoming more usual for engineers to take part in the design process and work with architects starting...

wp-content_uploads_2020_05_MEP_Office_Interior.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png wp-content_uploads_2020_05_MEP-Working-Environment.png wp-content_uploads_2020_05_Save-as-MEP-Part.png

Grasshopper — Archicad Live Connection

Grasshopper is a visual programming language and environment that runs within the Rhinoceros 3D for creating Parametric Designs. To ensure the interoperability between the software and have a smooth workflow, Archicad has the toolset: "Grasshopper - ...

GiovanaBenvenuto_1-1674494413704.png wp-content_uploads_2020_05_banner-rhino-grasshopper-2019.png

Algorithmic Design

What is algorithmic design? If you are not yet familiar with this term, watch this video below: Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Toolset Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Toolset connects the best design tools for the different design stages on both Mac a...

wp-content_uploads_2021_08_banner-rhino-grasshopper-2017-v2.0.png wp-content_uploads_2021_08_icon-grasshopper-archicad-live-connection-1.png wp-content_uploads_2021_08_icon-rhinoceros-import-export-add-ons.png wp-content_uploads_2021_08_icon-rhino-archicad-gdl-converter.png

L and U-shaped Stairs with Stringers

In certain cases when users are modelling open or closed stringer stairs, the corner stringer piece does not get created, or gets created but the geometry of it is faulty. The reason behind such issues always lies in some kind of geometrical controve...

wp-content_uploads_2020_01_Screen-Shot-2020-01-06-at-11.04.18-e1578305714166.png wp-content_uploads_2020_01_Screen-Shot-2020-01-06-at-13.19.20-e1578313253932.png wp-content_uploads_2020_01_Screen-Shot-2020-01-06-at-13.22.44.png wp-content_uploads_2020_01_Screen-Shot-2020-01-07-at-16.01.20.png

Grasshopper Connection Object Guide - Sweep Object

With the Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Live Connection, you can enhance your BIM model with complex shapes that can not be defined easily with the default ARCHICAD tools. In order to be able to properly represent and document these shapes, while keeping the...

wp-content_uploads_2019_08_simple-curve-cover-photo-1024x477.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_object-search-sweep-1024x752.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_simple-curve-sweep-divide-1024x576.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_simple-sweep-curve-offset-to-origin-1024x576.png

Grasshopper Connection Object Guide - Loft Object

With the Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Connection tool, you can enhance your BIM model with complicated shapes that can not be defined easily with the default ARCHICAD tools. To be able to properly represent and document these shapes, while keeping the geom...

wp-content_uploads_2019_08_loft-object-points-1024x562.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Loft-cover-photo-1024x616.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_object-search-loft-1024x752.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png

Grasshopper ARCHICAD Live Connection Add-on for ARCHICAD 23

We released the newest Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Live Connection Add-on on October 3 2019 with many new features and improvements. Please read the article to learn more. New Features: Upgraded Performance: Element updating in ARCHICAD is now even smooth...

wp-content_uploads_2019_08_BREP-Surface-Geometry.jpg wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Text-Placement.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_08_Complex-Profiles-Offset-Modifiers.jpg

Eye-Dropper and Syringe

Parameter transfer, also known as the eye-dropper and syringe, is the easiest way to pick up the parameters of one element and transfer them to another element of the same type. Simple usage of these tools allows you to speed up your pace while drawi...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_Parameter-Transfer.gif wp-content_uploads_2019_10_Find-and-Select-Pick-Up-Parameters.gif

How to Create a Double Pitch Beam

This exercise is about creating a prefabricated concrete double-pitch beam used for building industrial halls. Due to the renewed, multi-segmented Beam and Column tools it is much easier to create such structures in ARCHICAD 23. The shape of the beam...

wp-content_uploads_2019_09_Beam-3D-1024x184.png wp-content_uploads_2019_09_Beam-Technical-Drawing-1024x348.png wp-content_uploads_2019_09_Profiles-1024x373.png wp-content_uploads_2019_09_Profile-Manager-1024x726.png

End Cuts and Segment Joins in Beams and Columns

In ARCHICAD 22 and before all columns were cut horizontally at the bottom and at the top and all beams were cut vertically at both ends. As of ARCHICAD 23 beam and column ends can be cut both horizontally and vertically and also at any custom angle. ...

wp-content_uploads_2019_07_beam_end_cut-1024x531.png wp-content_uploads_2019_07_beam-end-cut-1024x768.png wp-content_uploads_2019_07_beam-segment-join-1024x721.png wp-content_uploads_2019_07_column-end-cut-3-1024x723.png

How to Create a Prefabricated Concrete Column

This article presents you with the detailed process of modeling a prefabricated reinforced concrete column with the new Column Tool of ARCHICAD 23. Prefabricated columns are often used in the case of industrial halls. The easiest way to represent the...

wp-content_uploads_2019_09_prefabricated_column_3d.png wp-content_uploads_2019_09_prefabricated_column_elevation_1.png wp-content_uploads_2019_09_prefabricated_column_elevation_2.png wp-content_uploads_2019_09_height.png

Beam Segments - Tips and Tricks

What is a Segment? Beam (or Column) Segments are good for defining different materials and geometries along the Beam (and Column) reference axis. The result: expanded geometric freedom for BIM elements representing reinforced concrete, steel, timber,...

wp-content_uploads_2019_07_custom_steal_stucture-1024x673.png wp-content_uploads_2019_07_add_new_beam_segment-1024x606.png wp-content_uploads_2019_07_add_new_segment_beam.gif wp-content_uploads_2019_07_Beam_join_segment-1024x761.png
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The Opening Tool in The Open BIM Workflow

It’s important to have cooperation between other design disciplines and architecture. Therefore, ARCHICAD 23 offers you an easy workflow for importing files as an IFC model. Import IFC ‘Provision for Void’ Architects receive Provisions for Voids from...

wp-content_uploads_2019_09_BIM-model-including-provisions-for-voids.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_09_image-1.png

The Opening Tool in the Architect’s Workflow

The Opening Tool is one of the new features of ARCHICAD 23, a must-have BIM design tool for the modeling, information management and documentation of openings. Use the new Opening Tool to create holes and recesses/niches that penetrate any number of ...

wp-content_uploads_2019_09_Creating-Opening-2.gif wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png wp-content_uploads_2019_09_Screen-Shot-2019-09-12-at-13.40.33-1.png wp-content_uploads_2019_09_Associated-Element-1-1024x507.png

How to Work Precisely in Archicad

In Archicad the flexibility is given for just sketching up the building without having to numerically specify the correct size or location of an element, but if it's coming to a proper design process, you have to place the elements with a certain siz...

wp-content_uploads_2019_01_Guide_Lines_sheet-1024x573.png wp-content_uploads_2019_02_A.04-Snap-Points-1024x574.png wp-content_uploads_2019_02_A.03-Snap-Guides-1024x574.png wp-content_uploads_2019_02_A.06-Trace-and-Reference-1024x574.png
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How to Create a Terrain with the Mesh Tool Based on a 2D Linework

Architects often receive the surveyor's data in the form of a 2D linework with height values. Follow the steps below to model the terrain based on the 2D linework. Create a mesh using the Mesh Tool, following the outer contour of the linework Select ...

wp-content_uploads_2019_01_rectangular-contour-300x298.png wp-content_uploads_2019_01_adding-new-points-to-mesh-300x296.png wp-content_uploads_2019_01_enter-height-300x109.png wp-content_uploads_2019_01_enter-mesh-point-height-300x188.png

How to Use the Wood Ceiling Add-On

The Wood Ceiling add-on allows users to apply 3D wainscoting to an existing roof. Before Starting 1. Download and install the Goodies package here. 2. Add the Accessories Library to the project library. It is located under the ArchiCAD version folder...

wp-content_uploads_2018_10_Screen-Shot-2018-10-24-at-10.28.30-AM.png wp-content_uploads_2018_10_Screen-Shot-2018-10-24-at-10.28.36-AM.png wp-content_uploads_2018_11_Screen-Shot-2018-11-01-at-10.30.15-AM.png wp-content_uploads_2018_11_Screen-Shot-2018-11-01-at-10.33.13-AM.png

How to Use the Roof Surfacer Add-On

The Roof Surfacer add-on allows users to apply 3D cladding to an existing roof. Before Starting 1. Download and install the Goodies package here. 2. Add the Accessories Library to the project library. It is located under the ArchiCAD version folder u...

wp-content_uploads_2018_10_Screen-Shot-2018-10-24-at-10.58.58-AM.png wp-content_uploads_2018_10_Screen-Shot-2018-10-24-at-10.28.30-AM.png wp-content_uploads_2018_10_Screen-Shot-2018-10-24-at-10.28.36-AM.png wp-content_uploads_2018_10_Screen-Shot-2018-10-24-at-10.30.38-AM.png

How to change the Home Story of an element in Archicad

If you drag an element in a section or in 3D to a different story, the Home Story of the element won't be adjusted. So, it can happen, that an element is located on e.g the 1st story but it has a different Home Story. (To avoid issues like that use '...

wp-content_uploads_2018_09_section_chair_wrong_home_story-1024x850.png wp-content_uploads_2018_09_changed_position_chair-168x300.png wp-content_uploads_2018_09_bottom_offset-300x295.png wp-content_uploads_2018_09_Relink_Home_Story-221x300.png
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Trimming in 2D

Trim function helps you to edit the existing elements quickly and easily in 2D and 3D. This is done by CTRL-clicking (on Windows) / CMD-clicking (on Mac OS) elements on the Floor Plan. One can cut off unneeded portions of Walls, Lines, Arcs etc., spl...

wp-content_uploads_2018_09_1_1.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_09_1_2.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_09_2_1.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_09_2_2.gif

Modify Morph segmentation

When using magic wand to place a morph, it will become polygonal instead of a proper circle. Why? It's easy to come across this phenomenon. We place a circle and then use the Magic Wand to place a Morph surface within. You will notice, that the segme...

wp-content_uploads_2018_07_place-morph.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_07_modify-morph.gif

How to Enter Distances in Archicad

For entering distances in Archicad the Tracker is used. Entering distances works the same way in 2D and in 3D. The Tracker appears during element input and it follows your mouse movements, constantly providing feedback about the distance and angle or...

wp-content_uploads_ac21_help_02-interaction_TrackerIconinToolbar.png wp-content_uploads_2018_07_Expand_Tracker-300x147.png wp-content_uploads_2018_07_Relative_Coordinates_in_Tracker-300x144.png wp-content_uploads_ac21_help_02-interaction_UserOriginSnap00021.png
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Frame and Panel Classes of the Curtain Wall in Practice

The Curtain Wall tool has been renewed as a powerful design tool allowing also the creation and use of custom frames and custom panels. In the previous versions the user was able to toggle between a main and a distinct panel and also manually change ...

wp-content_uploads_2018_07_pattern-sample-with-parts.jpg wp-content_uploads_2018_07_default-panel-classes.jpg wp-content_uploads_2018_07_Panels-posibil.jpg wp-content_uploads_2018_07_default-frame-classes.jpg

How to create cladding using the new Curtain Wall tool

With the new Curtain Wall tool, released on ARCHICAD 22 Version, it is possible to create many different Panel Classes straight from the Curtain Wall Setting Dialog. You can even create a Cladding Panel using the new GDL Panel Type called CW Composit...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Create_new_panel_class-1.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Type_Geometry.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Cladding-Skins-Scheme.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_CW_Cladding.png

How to create a custom Grid Pattern Scheme for the Curtain Wall

Use the Scheme page of Curtain Wall Settings to set up a Grid Pattern for the Curtain Wall. The best way to start a custom grid is deleting any existing grid. For that click on the Clear Pattern button on top right side of the scheme preview window. ...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_CW_Default_Settings-1.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_CW_Default_Scheme-1.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_CW_Pattern_Distribution.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_CW_Lockers.png

Curtain Wall Tool - Intersection Priorities

Before the revamped Curtain Wall Tool was released in ARCHICAD 22, intersection priorities were taken in count when creating a Curtain Wall, but not used as a creative tool. Boundary, Mullion and Transom frames did have a priority, but these were fix...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-19-at-12.03.44.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_frames1.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_edit.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_06_edit2.gif

Parametric Profiles - Schematic design variations

We're famous for having Tools that can be used for more than their original function. Profiles are used in Walls, Beams, and Columns to create custom elements tailored to the project. Use the parametric profiles to create design alternatives and cust...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_kitchen.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-13-at-13.36.59.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_3d-editing.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-18-at-12.30.39.png

Curtain Wall Tool - Projection Modes

After the redesign of the Curtain Wall Tool in ARCHICAD 22, it can have different projection modes on a floor plan view (found under Floor Plan and Section in the element's Settings dialog). These can be set for Uncut, Cut and Overhead components, si...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-14-at-14.30.34.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_HC-template1.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_HC-template3.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_HC-template2.png

Parametric Profiles - Adjustable fireproofing

As a newly introduced feature in ARCHICAD 22, the parametricity of profiles can be used for multiple purposes. One of them is to create adjustable fireproofing/insulation for beam or column elements. Later, the thickness can be adjusted by element, l...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-11-at-12.37.21-e1544691937753.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_modifier1.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_06_modifier2.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_06_modifier3.gif

Parametric Profiles - Wall with offsetable skins

A Wall element can be a simple wall and it can also use composites or profiles. Composite structures can be used with Shell, Roof, and Slab elements as well, and can have up to 48 skins with individual skin separator lines However, since with ARCHICA...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-12-at-10.29.20.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-01-at-15.31.01.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_01.gif wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-11-at-17.15.09.png

Parametric Profiles - Pointers how to manage your modifiers

With parametric profiles being introduced in ARCHICAD 22, came new attributes to manage, the offset modifiers. With the help of the Modifiers, you can create more intelligent Profiles for Walls, Beams, and Columns, by defining the edges parametricall...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-12-at-16.39.09.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-12-at-14.48.44.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-12-at-15.19.15.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-12-at-15.35.24.png

How to Speed-up Curtain Wall in ARCHICAD 22

You may experience the following whilst working with Curtain Wall in ARCHICAD 22: Working with Large Curtain Walls may cause some slowdowns Curtain wall may be faster in ARCHICAD 21 than in ARCHICAD 22 Working with Large Curtain Walls may cause some ...


Migrating Curtain Walls to ARCHICAD 22

Since there is a new Curtain Wall Tool in ARCHICAD 22 there are a few things you need to be aware of if you want to migrate your project that contains Curtain Walls from ARCHICAD 21 to 22. Generic Frame and Panel During the migration of the project „...

wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-07-at-14.17.46-300x214.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-07-at-14.29.54-300x244.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-07-at-14.37.22-300x181.png wp-content_uploads_2018_06_Screen-Shot-2018-06-07-at-14.21.16-1-300x175.png

Site Modeling with an Aerial Photo-Surface in ARCHICAD

Step 1: Set Project Location in Project Preferences This will be the place in the real world where your Project Origin is Set the height above Sea Level. You can reconfirm the location by clicking on "Show in Google Maps…" button. Step 2: Add an Aeri...

wp-content_uploads_2018_05_Project_location-300x235.png wp-content_uploads_2018_05_figure_default_settings.png wp-content_uploads_2018_05_Fill_settings.png wp-content_uploads_2018_05_surface_settings-625x1024.png

Accessories Add-On

How to use Accessories Add-on With the help of this ARCHICAD Add-On, you can supplement the roof, slab, and wall elements with special objects. Make sure you add the Accessories Library to your project, using Library Manager. First, select an existin...

wp-content_uploads_2018_02_01-300x193.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png wp-content_uploads_2018_02_02-267x300.png wp-content_uploads_2017_04_Screen-Shot-2017-06-02-at-15.28.05.png

Stair Tool Basics - Stair Turning and Segment types

Turning stairs can be constructed in 2 different methods: using turning type method or segment type method. Let's have a quick look at the main aspects of those two types. Turning Type Turning type can be used in 3 ways: Landing Winder with Equal Ang...

wp-content_uploads_2018_01_Landing-300x268.png wp-content_uploads_2018_01_Winder-with-equal-angles-300x268.png wp-content_uploads_2018_01_Winder-300x268.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png

Stair Tool Basics - How to create Stairs with Equal Angle winders

In a previous Article we have explained how Stair Segments and Turnings work in General. In this article we will show you 2 examples of how to use them to create Stairs with Equal Angle winders, and explain how this winder type works in general. How ...

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Railing Tool Basics - How to create a custom Railing Post?

The new Stair and Railing Tool include GDL sub-elements. Many of them are pre-defined and available by default, through the element and component settings dialogs. To create your own sub-element, you can create and customise an element and save it as...

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Stair Tool Advanced - How to create a Ramp using the Stair Tool?

There are many ways for creating a ramp in ARCHICAD (eg. Ramp Object), but in this article we are going to show you how to create one with the help of the Stair Tool. Here is what you will need: a complex profile a Stair with stringers that's all Str...

wp-content_uploads_2018_04_Screen-Shot-2018-04-13-at-15.11.49.png wp-content_uploads_2018_01_Stair_Tool_-Ramp_Profile-e1523363590445.png wp-content_uploads_2018_01_Stair_Tool_Ramp_Finish-e1522941259315.png wp-content_uploads_2018_01_Stair_Tool_Ramp_Stringers-e1523363381524.png

Column Locations Across Several Floors

I am working on developing a new 4 story building. The column locations are constantly changing and I'm finding it difficult to constantly change column locations on all the floor levels. Is there a way when I move a column on floor the corresponding...


Stair Tool Basics - How to create Metal Plate and Metal Pan Stairs

This article shows general examples of how to create Metal Plate and Metal Pan Stairs. The two types are very similar to each other in structure, so the way to create them is similar as well: We will use a cantilevered structure, with profiled string...

wp-content_uploads_2017_10_Metal-Pan-and-Plate-1024x243.png wp-content_uploads_2017_10_Stair-Selection-Settings-922x1024.png wp-content_uploads_2017_10_Structures-922x1024.png wp-content_uploads_2017_10_Set-Stringer-636x1024.png

Modeling of floating floor screed edge detail in ARCHICAD

This article explains methods of enhancing the appearance of connections of floors and walls in model section views. Description of the floating floor screed edge detail In most cases the solution for floors to match soundproofing requirements is to ...

wp-content_uploads_2017_11_floating_floor-150x150.png wp-content_uploads_2017_11_floating_floor_detail-300x254.png wp-content_uploads_2017_11_floating_floor2-221x300.png wp-content_uploads_2017_11_floating_floor_profile-300x281.png
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Creating Favorites for Stairs and Railings and their Sub-elements

Creating Favorites hasn't changed with the Stair and Railing Tool. Since it is a hierarchical element, it is a very similar method creating Favorites for a Curtain Wall and its sub-elements. Favorites for Stairs Stair: Structures and Finishes Once yo...

wp-content_uploads_2017_10_Saving-Favorite-Stair-Flight-1024x682.png wp-content_uploads_2017_10_favorite-tread.gif wp-content_uploads_2017_10_Redefine-Favorite.png wp-content_uploads_2017_10_favorite-stair.gif

Stair Tool Basics - Open Stringer Stairs

In this article we are going to create an Open Stringer Stair. To achieve this type of Stair structure, we will choose 'Beam' structure for the flight (and landing). For the opposite edge of the Stair add Stringer by ticking the box, optional 'String...

wp-content_uploads_2017_09_Open-Stringer-Stairs-1024x773.png wp-content_uploads_2017_09_OS-Stair-Structure-923x1024.png wp-content_uploads_2017_09_Open-Stringer-Beam-flight-1024x679.png wp-content_uploads_2017_09_Open-Stringer-Beam-Offset-1024x1009.png

Railing Tool Basics - Classic Style Railing

In this article we will show you how to create a traditional cast iron Railing from Custom Panels. (If you are interested how to model the stair is used in that example, click here). Draw the two following shapes from Morph – Surface, and then extrud...

wp-content_uploads_2017_09_02-trad-rail-e1504261391528-300x121.png wp-content_uploads_2017_09_01-traditional-railing-e1504261308511-300x147.png wp-content_uploads_2017_09_Screen-Shot-2017-09-01-at-08.59.46-e1504261512164-300x278.png wp-content_uploads_2017_09_traditional_stair_2-Picture3-1024x459.png

Stair Tool Basics - How to place stairs using the new Stair Tool

To place a stair you need to draw its Baseline (blue line), which is basically a polyline. So the input and the connected Pet Palette options are similar to placing the polyline in ARCHICAD. The Stair 'Input Method' (Upward / Downward) defines wherev...

wp-content_uploads_ac21_help_03-1-elements-virtual-building_StairUpDown.png wp-content_uploads_2017_08_staright_stair-1024x695.png wp-content_uploads_2017_08_L_shape.gif wp-content_uploads_2017_07_U_shape_stair.gif
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Stair Tool Basics - How to create metal spiral stair

This article provides a step-by-step description for creating a metal spiral stair having a column in the middle. The unique thing in this example is that the structure of the staircase is part of the tread. To see how to place a general spiral stair...

wp-content_uploads_2017_08_steel_tread-300x146.png wp-content_uploads_2017_08_steel_Spiral_stair_settings.png wp-content_uploads_2017_08_steel_spiral_stair_settings2-926x1024.png wp-content_uploads_2017_08_steel_spiral_stair_settings3-926x1024.png
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Split Levels – Tips & Tricks

Archicad approaches the design workflows strongly level-based – it is of great significance to which story the elements belong. As a consequence of that, the planning of buildings with split levels may be slightly more difficult in certain cases. Thi...

wp-content_uploads_2016_07_split-1024x549.jpg wp-content_uploads_2016_07_CARPARK-Copy-1-1024x329.jpg wp-content_uploads_2016_07_Gated-Community-on-a-Hillside.png wp-content_uploads_2016_07_Gravity-1.jpg

How To Create a Frameless Corner Window

You can easily create frameless corner windows in ARCHICAD the way described below: You can use the simple Window Tool instead of the Corner Window Tool, however not all Window objects are suitable for this. In this example I used the Horizontal Mult...

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Missing Railing in hotlinks

Affected version: 21 | Severity: fixed | ID: 229227 Issue: If a Railing is associated to a Hotlinked Element (in A.pln), it will work correctly in the file where it was created (in A.pln). In case that you place this file in another project as a Hotl...

wp-content_uploads_2017_12_missing-railin-in-hotlink-1024x103.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png

Stair Tool Basics - Automatic Landing

The new Stair Tool has the feature to add landing automatically during creation of the stair. Landing length can be defined in the Stair Settings under Rules & Standards: Automatic landing can be placed with one click during Stair creation. Start wit...

wp-content_uploads_2017_08_Automatic-Landing-Settings-899x1024.png wp-content_uploads_2017_08_stair_automatic_landing.gif wp-content_uploads_2017_08_Automatic-Landing-Goings-1024x97.png wp-content_uploads_2017_08_stair_automatic_landing_2.gif

Railing Tool Basics - Convert Pattern To Segment Length

This option can be useful for creating different Patterns in a Railing Segment. By default in one Segment one Pattern is repeated (A Segment is the part of the Railing between two Nodes). 'Converting Pattern to Segment Length' makes it possible to ed...

wp-content_uploads_2017_07_rail_convert_pattern-300x225.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Convert_Pattern_lenght.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_railing_edit_mode_palette.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_selecting_-a_segment.png
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Railing Tool Basics - Pattern Distribution Settings

Introduction In the Railing Tool settings a Pattern can be defined. Toprail, Handrail, Rails, Inner Posts, Balusters, Panels can be added to the Pattern, which can be repeated within the Railing Segment. This article describes the distribution logic ...

wp-content_uploads_2017_07_node_posts-1.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_posts-2.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Balusters.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_divide_segment.png
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Railing Tool Basics - Glass Panel Railing

Introduction This article presents how to create a glass panel railing with posts. We used an L-shaped staircase where the Riser Offset is set to 0. In this case only one post will be added by the intersection point of the two flights. Let's start Ac...

wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Screen-Shot-2017-09-07-at-11.18.27-1024x726.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_edit_pattern-300x272.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Inner_Post.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_TopRail_settings-846x1024.png
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Stair Tool Basics - Custom Tread

It is possible to save elements as Library Object which can be used as custom Treads. Any ARCHICAD element can be turned into a custom Tread Library Object. This article describes you how to create a custom Tread using the Morph Tool. Activate the St...

wp-content_uploads_2017_07_stair_with_custom_treads-300x241.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Edit_Mode-300x227.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_selecting_the-first_step-282x300.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Convert_secelction_to-Morph-1024x645.png
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Stair Tool Basics - Bullnose Stair

This article outlines how to model a stair with bullnose steps. To see how to place a traditional railing on it, click here. Activate the Stair Tool and place any Stair of choice (Bullnose stairs are mostly made of wood). Navigate to the floor plan a...

wp-content_uploads_2017_07_bullnose_render-300x289.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Bullnose_stair_1-1024x664.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Bullnose_stair_2-1024x687.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Bullnose_stair_3-1024x705.png
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Stair Tool Basics - Spiral Stair

There are two ways to create a spiral stair using the new Stair Tool: using the Magic Wand using the 'Arc by Centerpoint' command from the Pet Palette during the input Using the Magic Wand Place a circle on the floor plan ( Guide Line Segment,Line To...

wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Spiral_stair_Magis_Wand.gif wp-content_uploads_2017_07_baseline_spiral_stair_left-300x251.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_spiral_stair_Pet_Palette.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Baseline_right-300x102.png
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Stair Tool Basics - U-shape Stair with equal flights

Let's place a U-shape stair: Activate the Stair Tool. Open the 'Stair Default Settings' and make sure that the following settings are used (Story height: 3000 mm): Click ok. Click on the floor plan to begin inputting the Stair. Start drawing the stai...

wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Stair_Settings.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_U_shape_stair.gif wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Pet_Palette_rearrange.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Pet_Palette_stretch.png
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Stair Tool Basics - Custom Stair with Steel Beam Support

This article presents you a step-by-step description for modelling a custom stair (designed by Építész Stúdió). It shows how to model the staircase using the new Stair Tool. Things needs to be known about the staircase: Story height is 3400 mm. This ...

wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Stair_cropped-1024x600.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_GS_Stair_Story_height.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Stair_default_settings.png wp-content_uploads_2017_07_Stair_Pet_Palette_Landing.png
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How to Distribute/Multiply Elements Along a Path

Let's say you want to distribute trees along a given path. From ARCHICAD 21 and up, you have the option in the Multiply dialogue to do just that. Let's see how. Distribute Elements along a Path Before you start, make sure you have a path placed. This...

wp-content_uploads_2017_05_1.-Drag-along-a-path-1024x550.png wp-content_uploads_2017_05_2.-Pick-Path-1024x443.png wp-content_uploads_2017_05_3.-Results-1024x442.png wp-content_uploads_2017_05_4.-Offset-1024x864.png

Mesh To Roof Add-On

Irregular "free-form" shapes can be modeled using the mesh tool. These items can be converted to roofs with this Add-On. The new "Create Roofs from Mesh" command will appear in the "Design/Design Extras" menu by default. How to use "Mesh To Roof" Add...

wp-content_uploads_2017_05_Screen-Shot-2017-06-15-at-13.29.37-300x80.png wp-content_uploads_2017_05_mesh-to-roof-300x200.png

Profiler Add-On

The Profiler Add-On allows you to create Object type Library Parts by extruding a profile along a straight or curved path. The new Profiler command will appear in the Design/Design Extras sub-menu by default. How to use Profiler Add-On To create an o...


Interior Wizard Add-On

The Interior Wizard command enhances the modeling of 3D Zones by applying Accessory Objects to selected walls, ceilings, and floors and creating interior finish elements. You can edit the shape and the material parameters of these elements using stan...

wp-content_uploads_2017_05_AddLibrary.png wp-content_uploads_2017_05_MenuItems1-1.png wp-content_uploads_2017_05_RoomAccessory.png wp-content_uploads_2017_05_ChooseAccessories.png

Winder Types in ARCHICAD

Also see: Stair Tool Basics - How to create Stairs with Equal Going/Run winders Stair Tool Basics - How to create Stairs with Equal Angle winders There are four different methods available to construct a Winder with Equal Goings (that is, all goings ...

wp-content_uploads_2017_03_single_point-222x300.png wp-content_uploads_2017_03_two_points_risermiddle.png wp-content_uploads_2017_03_two_points_tread_middle.png wp-content_uploads_2017_03_fluchtlinien_riser_middle.png
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Degenerated Polygons

Affected version: all ARCHICAD versions | Severity: workaround applicable Overall explanation One of the most common error messages is "Polygon is degenerated". It is also written in the Report: This article shows what does this mean, how can it be a...

wp-content_uploads_2016_12_errormessages-12-2-300x100.jpg wp-content_uploads_2016_12_Screen-Shot-2016-12-30-at-09.35.28-300x81.png wp-content_uploads_2016_12_Screen-Shot-2017-01-02-at-15.21.34-300x115.png wp-content_uploads_2016_12_Screen-Shot-2017-01-02-at-14.22.02-1024x454.png