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Importing Point Clouds and Modelling the Terrain

A quick way of inserting the representation of the terrain to our model is using the point cloud import feature of Archicad. Point clouds are more and more popular since they can give the most detailed surveying results, however at the same time need...

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Creating Topography in Archicad from AutoCAD Survey Data

Prepare the AutoCAD file Open Surveyor’s dwg file and check whether it is done as per local practice/standards, for example: Units = Meters Block or Point is used to represent each survey point and placed at a correct global coordinate (X,Y,Z) – Use ...

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Editable Topography from Archicad to Revit

Recently came accross a situation where the Design Architect need to exchange Archicad model with their project partners. The Main Contractor was using REVIT for their BIM process. So, there was a need for conversion of Archicad model to REVIT model ...

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Creating Contour Lines of Meshes without Ridges

Archicad Meshes can be created in many different ways – by creating level ridges based on external drawings, by importing point clouds and modeling the terrain based on it or importing text files with the coordinates and then let Archicad automatical...

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How to Create a Terrain with the Mesh Tool Based on a 2D Linework

Architects often receive the surveyor's data in the form of a 2D linework with height values. Follow the steps below to model the terrain based on the 2D linework. Create a mesh using the Mesh Tool, following the outer contour of the linework Select ...

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How to Create a Railing with Evenly Spaced Posts on a Mesh

Follow the steps below to create a railing with evenly spaced posts that follows the contour of a mesh. 1. Create a poly line where the railing will be. 2. Open the Set Snap Point Values dialogue box. 3. In the Snap Point Values dialogue box, set the...

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Editable Topography from ARCHICAD to Revit

This original article is written by Chidam and can be found at ASIABIM: Occasionally, the Designer needs to exchange BIM models with other project partners. If each ...

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How to better control Slab and Mesh displayed on multiple stories

Many times we want to show a slab or a mesh on a story above or below its home position. To control which story a slab or mesh is displayed, there are some presets that can be found under Slab/Mesh Settings dialog: Floor Plan and Section > Floor Plan...

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Site Modeling with an Aerial Photo-Surface in ARCHICAD

Step 1: Set Project Location in Project Preferences This will be the place in the real world where your Project Origin is Set the height above Sea Level. You can reconfirm the location by clicking on "Show in Google Maps…" button. Step 2: Add an Aeri...

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Mesh To Roof Add-On

Irregular "free-form" shapes can be modeled using the mesh tool. These items can be converted to roofs with this Add-On. The new "Create Roofs from Mesh" command will appear in the "Design/Design Extras" menu by default. How to use "Mesh To Roof" Add...

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