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Mesh To Roof Add-On

Irregular "free-form" shapes can be modeled using the mesh tool. These items can be converted to roofs with this Add-On. The new "Create Roofs from Mesh" command will appear in the "Design/Design Extras" menu by default. How to use "Mesh To Roof" Add...

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How to create custom Solid bodies using Shell

The Shell Tool that was introduced in ARCHICAD 15 is a very versatile Tool. However, as its name implies, it is a Shell, it is a body of constant thickness generated onto a membrane. ARCHICAD users may encounter situations where they need the Shell t...

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How to create gable profile with Shell Tool

This article would like to provide you with some information of the free usage of Shell Tool for example by creating a gable profile. Step 1: Create a profile from Polyline on the Floorplan In this example we create a traditional Hungarian profile fr...

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