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view setting for ceiling plan

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hello, my problem:
I have steel beam layout at L1 slab, but in the L1 ceiling plan, these steel beams underneath still shown, which should not appear at L1 ceiling plan

Please advice how to tune view setting in ceiling plan which only showns what I look up to the L1 ceiling above, but not slab beam under'


Hello emailcopy,

Each element of the BIM model belongs to a unique level. What level do your beams belong to?

The visibility of each element depends on the visible level and the visibility parameters of each element in plan.
What is the parameter of visibility in plan of the beams?

You are able to hide the beam layers too
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OK same way as my previous question about element--not about plan view, ---
Thanks Christophe

Hello Chistophe


That works for beams, but why is that option not available for the Slab tool. I see my floor finishes in my ceiling plan. Would I need to make extra overrides to hide layers?



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