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Archicad Community Wishlist

Jim Allen

Following discussions in the Archicad Future, 27 Poll thread, I have created a document to collate our collective views on features and changes we would like to see implemented in Archicad.


It will act as a central resource for all Archicad user wishlist items which are not specific to any particular Archicad release. 


We can discuss potential items to add, with their advantages and disadvantages, and we can explain the reason for the inclusion of each item on the list.


Periodically we can create surveys and collect votes for features. This will allow us to prioritise items.

Graphisoft are under no compulsion to implement anything, but it can act as a conduit between the GS team, who are not practising architects working exclusively on producing architectural design and documentation for construction.


I have created a Google sheet here.


It seems to be a good idea to me to highlight issues for discussion here first before we modify the document.

People who request access are by default granted Commenter access but the most active forum members involved in wishlists have been given Editor access.

Archicad 27 UKI | OS X 12.7.1 Monterey

Great idea @Jim Allen 
Can you fix the link on "Archicad Future, 27 Poll"?
How to we access the Google sheet?


Francois Swanepoel
Everything happens in Archicad since v6.5 (2000) ‌
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#MadeByDyslexia is my unfair advantage – expect curious ideas, creative big thinking & small typos.
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Archicad 27 UKI | OS X 12.7.1 Monterey

Please add the distance data option to lines and polylines.

Also allow fills, lines, and polylines to use properties and property expressions.

2d is very powerful for getting data that doesn't require a model.

Even A 3d polyline does not know how much it would help all users.
We could quantize in 2d in a faster way
Something similar to what Bluebeam Revu does.
It would be one more option for users.
See the video of how Bluebeam revu works.

I don't understand by 'the distance data option'. We need to be specific and I don't know what you want.

For fills and polylines I understand why you want to add properties, but lines?

I dont see that as being of much value. Am I missing something?


We need to define what features are for and who it will benefit. 

Archicad 27 UKI | OS X 12.7.1 Monterey

Jim maybe this will help you visualize and imagine what you could do if you had properties on fills , lines and polylines

Nope - sorry, clearly define what you want.

Don't post a link to a video and expect someone else to do the work.

Don't be lazy, you only get out of life what you put in! 😀

Archicad 27 UKI | OS X 12.7.1 Monterey

Seriously - that video is an hour long!


Archicad 27 UKI | OS X 12.7.1 Monterey

The fact that we're currently on version 26 of this program and it's still impossible to create section with a proper accurate cut line is incomprehensible. (A cut line being single bold line that traces the dividing line between solid things and air and at no point loops back and touches itself. A line that defines the cut in plan or section.)


Honesly, the attention given to 2d drawings is not anywhere close to where it should be. It is impossible to create an elevation, or section, or plan, or any 2d drawings that isn't just one complex profile. Fifteen years I've waited for this thinking, 'my god, how can they still not have a proper cut line? Surely it will be remedied in this new version!' Then Lucy pulls the football and I can't believe it happened again.


Hey Graphisoft, CAN I HAVE A PROPER CUT LINE? Selling architectural software without proper lineweights is like selling a car with a manual crank handle instead of steering wheel. Sure you can get around a corner, but why wouldn't you just put a steering wheel on it?


Please can I have a steering wheel? I will beg if that's what it takes.