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can we archive old forum data please?

Why is there not a sub forum for every post related to really old versions of AC?

there should be some sort of filter or something to eradicate versions that technically wont  run on today's computers. 

we have a filter for most liked or most viewed but these are pointless.  I didnt start using AC until v15.

I realize that there are some who might still use older versions.  but filtering posts by version would likely make navigating to the information that one is after much easier.


example, i want to know what is the most talk about topic for ac 24, 25, and 26.  I have no reason to care about v11.


my 2 cents


Counterpoint, there's a lot of great content that was discussed on Archicad-talk over the past 20 years. While some of the troubleshooting might have been about using 8.1 or 13 or some other ancient version, a lot of the knowledge and tips are still very relevant.

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this is true, but for items like most liked or most viewed should we not be current? or what would be cool is a filter for versions. The data should be there and accessible but it would nice to have a filter or something.  or maybe a notification that says hey do you want to see posts before x year?


all information is relative but a lot of it is out dated.


Or maybe they can be sorted out via filters? like version related issues or topics?

In the end what is your Objective?
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