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Logic operators in PARAM-O / inverting boolean value?


Hello, I am trying to create an object in PARAM-O that has two variants the user can choose. So I made a boolean to say "is is version 1" true/false. If its true I want to change the visibility of some objects to true and some to false, and if its false to do the opposite. That is, I want to hide some stuff and show some others. So what I want is an operator to invert the boolean value, to make true->false and false->true. A simple "not" operator would work in other programming but I'm kind of stuck trying to make it work in PARAM-O.

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Miha Nahtigal

Maybe you could use an expression? Something like {not($paramName)}


Expression (



I tried but it doesn't accept boolean as input, only number. I guess one workaround would be to make the user type 0 or 1 instead of checking the box but that is not ideal.


There's a lot of functionality still missing in the PARAM-O system. No logical operators at all as far as I can see? This makes booleans almost useless...

| AC 25 Int | Win10 | i7-7800X | 32 GB | GeForce RTX 2060 6GB |

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