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PARAM-O script disappeared but parameters are still in object.

Joke Swinnen



Yesterday I made a wooden cladding with PARAM-O. Today I did an update with some extra parameters and profiles. I checked the object several times in my Archicad model. In the end my object changed and my new profiles where gone.

By checking my object, the parameters are still visible in the object selection settings but when I open the PARAM-O object editor, my script of today also disappeared.

Its very weird that my parameters are still in the object but not in my script anymore. 


I tried to start Archicad and my PC again and I tried to open it in a new file. 

Did someone else had the same problem or someone who can help me with getting my script back? 

Joke Swinnen
BIM Modeller at Atrium Architecten
Archicad user since 2017 (v20 - v25) - CC iRT i7-12700 - 64 GB / Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 - Windows 10 Pro 64

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