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AC filfe freaking out !!! dim tolerance, size of publ. files

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not sure whats going on or if these two issues are related. hope someone can help.

first. - i set the dim tolerances to 1/2" now when i edit anything it freaks out and lags terribly. not sure whats going on, but, while its lagging and the little clock cursor is up, i noticed that in the quick options palette that AC starts rifling through the layer sets and scale. its very odd. once this is done, after 5 seconds or so, it goes back to normal.

second - while publishing files to either PDF or DWG two of the floor plans export as huge files, like 5-8 mg, all the others are more like 500k-1.2mg, or less. 5-8 mg this is unusual for our projects. i have tried deleting any extra data from the drawing but nothing seems to help.

thanks for any help you can provide.

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No suggestions? I am in AC 10.

i just tried the same thing in a different file, switching from 1/16" tolerance, to 1/2" in my dim props, and it si doing the same thing!

surely im not the only one who has ever seem this.

thanks in advance.

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