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Additional Custom texts Fields in Index Settings for Schedules


Hi All, 


I'm trying to create a transmittal that keeps a history of issues & Dates (our office uses excel because of the limitations). I have found a work around, each time I Issue a set of drawings, I add a custom text of the date and the issue rev ID and at least the transmittal has live drawing names. Its working for us, but we are limited to 10 custom text fields and have to add a new index when we fill up the transmittal. As we work on high-rises, there's a lot of issues going out. 


Is there a way to add more? we need about 25 per sheet.



Archicad 25 Windows

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Right-click the Layout Book icon at the top of the Layout hierarchy in the Layout Book tab of the Navigator, and go to the Book Settings Dialog.

There, in the Layout Info Scheme panel, you can add as many new fields as you want. Create them and click OK to accept changes and leave the Dialog.

In the Scheme Settings Dialog, these fields will now be available as Schedule Fields for Layouts, in addition to the 10 Custom Text fields.

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Thanks for getting back to me Laszlo.


I tried this before posting but I was unable to add the custom text in the columns (the rev. ID). I was able to edit the heading (the date) but not the rows under. 

Archicad 25 Windows

Sorry Laszlo, Tried it again and it worked. I believe I have to have the book settings reserved in teamwork in order to change the text. 


Thanks for your help!

Archicad 25 Windows

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