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BIM Implementation - Incentives and/or Punishments

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I'm wondering what sort of strategies; (incentives and/or punishments) firms have used to get their implementation moving forward regardless of software package. I say "regardless of software package" because I know there are some Revit users on this forum, and I would appreciate their input too.


When switching to BIM is a directive from senior management, it's rather simple. People who learn BIM get to keep their jobs. Those who don't, don't.

If it's not a senior management directive, like if just one department wants to do it while others do not, then it's a lot trickier.
Tom Waltz

David Shorter
Love your style Tom!!!
Sounds pretty straightforward to me
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David Larrew
While I was converting my first firm from 2D to BIM, management allowed me to introduce an incentive program...

Once and employee had learned the software and felt comfortable, they got to take a competency test. If they passed they received a monetary prize as well a recognition diploma.

During employee reviews, part of their salary increase was influenced by a "competency grade" that was reported by the support staff or me.

BTW - as Tom wrote, you NEED complete management support for a successful implementation.
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I agree with David. ALTHOUGH he didn't have those incentives when he did it for us.

It really is the backing of management that is the biggest help. it will either be a battle of users or managers....which would you rather battle?

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Not only do you need support from top management, they also need to understand what is involved. There are changes in process and practice that are much more far reaching than just training people to use a different program.

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