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Best Practices for implementing a 50 unit housing development?

Project Scope:
50 unit housing development.
2 stories each unit plus a simple thickened edge slab on grade and foundation.
There are 6 unit types (A1, A2, A3 B1 B2 B3) which will need to be spread throughout the site.

Each story setting is set to be hotlinked into the 1st floor story.

I'm at the point now where I need to begin to spread these unit types throughout the site. What is the best practice for doing this?
1. do I simply just copy a bunch of unit types all onto their respective site lots?
2. do I create a simple "zone" type object so I don't create a giant hotlink nightmare while trying to copy the hotlinks 50 times and having to take 2 hours do so a "save" each time for all 50 hotlinks to regenerate?

see diagram for easier explanation.
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rob2218 wrote:
I've been meaning to get a server set up hasn't happened yet.....but it will.
So for now, it's one PLN being shared back and forth via DropBox (only for download purposes but not for actually 'working' from within DropBox)........and libraries, textures, fonts, etc...have to be shared back and forth....its a pain but for now, it'll have to do.
Working on a PLA file from two different computers is forcing you guys to
- relink hotlinks each time the project gets to each,
- long update times for PLN story hotlinks, instead of linking to publshed MODs.
I would think the time that goes into that would easily pay for a BIMCloud as a Service package (something like $100 monthly for each user; also, they may still have the initial 60-day free trial COVID promo). With AC24 you can publish MODs into the BIMCloud server. Since the client would be saving time too you could probably split the cost 50-50.

hi all. so how did itngo Mr. rob?

Link to ARCHINTENSIVE 2021 - Managing the Virtual Babushka Doll - Hotlinking and Large Projects: 



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