Building a Pen Chart with SQL


"(...) I'm imagining a utility object that will automatically build a pen chart in the floor plan window with a user defined array of squares and accompanying text label for each pen. It would be a great help when introducing new coworkers to our pen standards."

Pen weights can be accessed with two method :

Use the Attribute Manager in ARCHICAD. The list created will show even which pens are in use and can also be imported to Excel.

The other solution is to try using the SQL functions from the Calculate menu group.

By default Query can not be found in none of the Menus.

  • Go to Options - Work Environment and add Query (it is easy to find it in All commands by alphabetical order) to a chosen Menu option.



  • Enter a simple query select * from pens (without quotes) in the dialogue and click on the Execute button.


  • The result will appear in your browser similar to the screenshot below.


From here you can easily copy and paste the list to an Excel worksheet for further editing.

Hint: - Karl was so kind as to attach a sample Excel sheet to his tip with a VBA routine that will color the rows of the list with the appropriate RGB colors. To read the whole tip, and download the file go to:

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