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Combine value definitions in Properties-manager?




Anyone knows any trick how to combine value definitions in Properties-manager? is that possible?

1_string and option set.png

I would like to combine string with option set.
With sting  chosen I can add any text, while with option Set I can only choose from the option set:

2_string_can add any text.png



3_Option Set_can only choose from the options.png

I would like to use Option set as default, but still have the option to add text later while modeling - as we can do with value definition of string. 
Maybe there is some workaround for it, or should I approach and set value definitions differently?

I appreciate any advice 🙂




Hi ananas,

How about using the following workaround:

  1. Set the Default Value of your String property (named 331 in your case)  to Undefined (DE: Nicht definitiert)
  2. Create another expression property (DE: Berechnung) and use following formula:
    IF ( ISUNDEFINED ( {Property:Caala_CostGroups/336} ); {Property:Caala_CostGroups/331};{Property:Caala_CostGroups/336} )​

This new property will only display a new custom text if you manually set a text for the 331 property.
Otherwise, it will display the selection of the 336 property.
This way you have the option set with property 336 and the custom text with property 331.

Does this help in your situation?

Bernd Schwarzenbacher - Archicad Add-On Developer - (Add-On Downloads & Articles)

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