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Copying hotlink modules?

So, this is the issue:

The module-file contains an appartment. And it has been copied along all of first floor with Ctrl-Shift-D.
No problem!

But when I tried to copy the whole floor and paste it onto the next floor, it somehow broke the hotlink. The wood in front of the window is present in first floor, but not in second.

Is this related to the fact that during linking, I selected 1.floor, when I should have gone for all stories? Is it some way to fix this, other than deleting all the copies and start all over again?
Windows 10, archicad 25

Has you module actually exploded? Or is it just something odd that has happened to the timber?

Selecting a single story just means that it only brings in object whos home story is the one you selected.


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Building on what Lingwisyer said, I would check if the wood in front of the building has the correct home story set. It could be placed correctly in space, but actually "belong" to another story, and thus not being copied. So check its home story, then save and update the module.
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