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Existing project, new server

A project with several bimserver files, and lots of linked modules and drawings (PMKs, PDFs) has been moved to a new bimserver and new file server.

Most of the paths were set as absolute, instead of relative, because I thought that made sense for the specific way this project was evolving, and in any case I thought relative paths from a bimserver file to file server folders would not work in case of changes to the file structure (and I never thought the file server would change anyway).

I am having to manually redirect all publisher views, relink all hotlinks and redirect all external drawings.

Is there any elegant way of doing this, this time or next time? Giving the new servers the same old names?

[InDesign sort of realises where to look for the other stuff once one redirects a single link. I am assuming there is no such thing in Archicad.]