Favorites - Troubleshooting Guide

In ARCHICAD 20, Favorites get a fresh look and feel, right in line with the new user interface. In addition, Favorites are now much easier to use, which makes their power accessible to beginner and expert users alike. The fundamental behavior of Favorites has not changed. Here are some known issues or limitations regarding Favorites:
    • Favorite previews are generic: they do not reflect all tool settings. E.g. the preview will not reflect the element height; the preview is used more to indicate element typology. For example, the preview will show structure and hatching. The default size is 1 by 1 m.
    • They are scaled to 1:50: that is, they are not based on the floor plan scale.
    • Favorite previews cannot be customized. This is because they are not stored anywhere; they are generated instantly.
    • Previews are based partly on hard-coded settings, and partly on variable settings. (For example, a change in pen set is reflected in the preview, but changing to a Core Only structure will not affect the preview.)
    • The wall orientation is always shown with its outside on the right.
    • The info tag, which appears when you hover over the previews, is not customizable either.
  • When you save a Favorite as an XML, you can edit it and import it to the project. (It is possible to change the name of the Favorite just by editing the XML file and then importing it back).
  • In TeamWork you need to reserve the Favorites Palette and then you can edit/delete/import/export them. To create a new Favorite or to duplicate one, you do not need to reserve.
  • Favorite names are considered at import. (Export a Favorite, change the name of it in AC, then import the same the Favorite with the old name, and it is treated as a not yet existing Favorite in the project).
  • The Attributes of the Favorites are stored with their index number. So when you export a wall with Concrete Building Material (index number 40) and import it into a project where 40 is assigned to a Stone BM, in the project the wall will get Stone as BM.
You can switch instantly between 3D and 2D views of the Favorites: press Shift and hover your mouse over them.
Issue: Favorite Preview problem with the Contour objects: If you create a Favorite based on the contour object, the preview will be wrong:
Cause: These objects' 3D view is generated from a different angle. In case of Favorites it is generated from a diametric view, which is the opposite direction of the 3D view. That’s why they cannot be seen. We are working to fix this problem.
Issue: Text tool Favorites can be applied to any text‐type items when Dimensions, Labels, and Fills with Area Text are selected. But it doesn’t apply to markers, because it cannot update the GDL text. (e.g. for objects, section markers, zone markers etc.) This feature is available only from the Favorites Palette, not from the Tool box.
Issue: Favorites of any of the four Line‐type tools (Line, Arc, Polyline, Spline) can be applied to any of the other Line‐type elements. For example, apply a Line Tool Favorite to a selected Arc. This feature, too, is available only from the Favorites Palette, not from the Tool box.
Issue: Unfortunately it is not possible to drag any Favorites from the Palette to the Floor Plan, nor from the Floor Plan into the Favorites Palette. So you have to select an item, then add to the Favorites.
Issue: Redefining a Favorite in the Object Settings dialog, based on a selected object whose settings are shown on the right: Find the appropriate Favorite on the left; hover the cursor over it; click on the icon with the three dots: Choose the Redefine Favorite option. This command updates the Favorite based on the settings on the right. See details in the ARCHICAD 22 Reference Guide.

Empty Favorite folders are not dealt with during export and import.

Affected version: ARCHICAD 20 | Severity: there is no workaround | ID: TT#209748
Info_18x18.png NOTE: it is expected to be fixed in ARCHICAD 21 Issue Empty Favorite folders are not dealt with during export and import.


Folder data is only stored in the Favorite itself, not as folders on their own. Therefore, if you set up a folder hierarchy without creating any Favorites, then this folder data will be lost.

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