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How do you set up fills in your custom template?

I'm updating our company template for AC23. Previously we used the default fills from GS but they are too many and many are redundant. Fills in AC are of two functions: generic patterns or defined material. An example is diagonal lines vs metal-aluminum/metal-steel/metal-iron...all these three could be substituted by diagonal lines.
We don't use Image fills and keep our Solid fills to only seven.
How do you do it in your templates?

I need to say we are mostly using generic BM's like "non load bearing", "load bearing external", "load bearing internal". The template I'm working with is our basic template which I want as fit as a marathon runner.

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I have discovered, that symbol fill in PDF converting into pattern and vectorial fills into lines. That means using symbol fills can reduce size of PDF, especially when there are big areas are covered - for example for landscape plans. In DWG opposite - vectorial fills remains as pattern in AutoCAD and symbol fills turning into lines.
By this reason I deleted almost all vectorial fills and replaced them with symbol. To fix problem with large DWG files because of vectorial fill I set in DWG translator fills/hatch conversion table - when all fills are replaced by native AutoCAD hatches.
Also, when I replaced vectorial fills into symbol I matched standard fills number (by using Attribute manager).
As well I introduced short codes for fills like STR for structure, ROOF for roofs etc. - just to easier to find needed fill. You can review my template that I published on this forum - how I organised everything.

Hello Podolsky, I cannot find your template. Can you help me please?

You cannot build a line.

Thanks a lot @thesleepofreason !

You cannot build a line.

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