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How to Install and Run the Archicad 10 File Converter on macOS

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Please follow the steps below to install the ARCHICAD 10 File Converter on Mac OS.

1. Visit the link below.

2. Download the correct language version (US or international) of the ARCHICAD 10 Converter Package for macOS. This converter will run on the latest versions of macOS.




3. Double-click on the DMG file to reveal the package contents.




4. Leave the DMG file contents window open and open a new Finder window (File > New Finder Window.)

5. Go to /Applications/GRAPHISOFT and create a new folder entitled "ARCHICAD 10 File Converter."


6. Copy all of the files from the DMG or ZIP into the "ARCHICAD 10 File Converter" folder.


7. Right-click (or Control + Click) on the ArchiCAD app icon.

Note: You must right-click to open the app the first time only to authorize macOS to open this app.


8. Click Open on the appearing dialog.


11. On newer macOS versions you might see a message saying the app is not optimized for your Mac. Click OK. This message appears for many older apps and is not significant.


12. A prompt will appear, click Launch.


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