Multistory Hotlink Modules

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See also: Hotlinked Modules. Multistory Hotlink Modules can be used, for example, to compare the different designs of a building easily. In our example we are working with Elizabeth Tower project, designed by Andrea Horvath and Kiss Iosif-Andrei (winners of ArchitectsJury competition). Which would suit better in the cityscape?
You can decide it easily with the help of Hotlink Modules. Here are the steps:

Saving a Multistory Module

With any story active, use the File > Save As menu command. Select Module File (*.mod) from the Save as Type drop-down list. Before closing the dialog click the Options button. In the appearing dialog box, specify which stories the module file should contain: Choose All Stories or Current Story, or specify a Story Range (e.g. from Story 0 to Story 5, if you want the module to contain only above-ground stories). To create a Multistory building, use the All Stories option. Every story of this multistory module file will be placed as a single module into the host project. Make sure that the stories of the hotlink and the host file match exactly both in height and number of stories. Please note, that if you try to place a multistory module into a host project that contains fewer stories than the module you are placing, the module stories which do not “fit” in the host project will not be placed. Specify a name and location for the module file; click Save. The appearing dialog is a warning about the possible dataloss if you have the project saved to .mod format only. Click Continue.
Info_18x18.png NOTE: It is possible to have several levels of hotlinked modules nested into each other. In the Options dialog you can choose to break these nested Hotlinks Save both projects.

Placing a Multistory Hotlinked Module

In an other project we have modeled the environment of the project. The previously saved Module File can be easily placed into this ARCHICAD file with these steps:

Step 1: Select Module File

Activate the Floor Plan. Use the File > External Content > Place Hotlinked Module menu command. In the Place Module Dialog, click Choose Hotlink, then in the appearing dialog click on New Hotlink button. It allows you to choose the source of the new Hotlink:either From File, or From Teamwork Project. Select one of the Module Files that contains the stories you wish to place; click Select. In the appearing Choose Story dialog select the default, All Stories (Multistory) option.
Make sure the correct Hotlink is selected in the list, and click OK. The dialog box indicates that the selected Hotlink contains several stories. Make any other needed settings (Layer, Orientation, Elevation); then click Place Module. In the Match Stories dialog box, select which story of the merged model will correspond to the current story of your Project and click the OK button. With the help of the Paste Options appeared you can place the Hotlink Modul to the matching position.

Step 3: Place Module

Move the Hotlinked Module to its desired position and place it. Go to the 3D Window to see that all Stories are placed into the Project. If you select the multistory Hotlinked Module in 3D, all Stories will be selected as one group, showing that they belong together. Do the same steps above to place the other building version into the project environment. It is recommended to choose different Layers to the different building versions (Hotlink Modules).

Step 4: Decide

Which version is the better?

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