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Schedule 2D plan preview not showing when placing the schedule on layout.

Paolo Pi



this is the first time I write a post so hopefully, I did it in the correct way.


I am having some problems when placing my schedule on a layout. Specifically is a schedule that shows a 2D plan preview of some zones, and in the schedule everything looks normal. When placing the schedule on a layout, the plan preview disappears. I did it already in other files and everything worked smoothly. 


I read that the problem could be the Renovation status, but I am not sure how to fix this. I tried to give different Renovation statuses to the zones, and also change the Renovation filter in the Schedule View Settings, but nothing changed.


Attached are the screenshots of the Schedule and how it looks in the layout.


Any help would be much appreciated!



Paolo Piras, Architect
AC25 (since AC19), windows 10

Ricardo Lopez



Maybe it could be obvious or you have already check it, but select the schedule at the layout and have a look at Drawing Selection Settings> Size and appearance> Pen Set and Colors so it meets your spectations.



Arq. Ricardo López S.
Project Solutions and Services | | +507 399-2994
Ave. La Amistad, El Dorado. Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá

This isn't the case.  I am having the same issue.

Paul Setti

Paolo Pi


I was having the same issue. I saw a previous article on this and gave it a try and it resolved. I unchecked the show headline check box in the schedule style of the schedule. Apparently this issue may happen if the box is checked and the 2D plan preview is first in the Fields/ section of the scheme settings window. I hope this works for you.

Hi Paul! This apparently solved my problem with the schedule finally!
It´s crazy that such a small thing can cause these problems.


Thank you!

Paolo Piras, Architect
AC25 (since AC19), windows 10

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