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The most common alerts in Archicad

Judit Boros
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
This article will try to summarize the most common error messages, and alerts to be able to help you to understand them better.

Teamwork Send and Receive Error Messages

Please find the collection of Teamwork alerts here: Teamwork/SendReceiveErrors

Pen number is less than 1 or greater than 255 at line … in the 2D script of file ….gsm

Possible reason: The object is faulty due to an inexplicable pen number in the code or it does not recognize the 0 pen number (which is a real value) Example: You open a window settings dialogue in the Archicad. What to do? Save a PLA file and report it to GRAPHISOFT, as this is most likely a bug in the library part.

Not enough memory to render the model

Possible reason: There are many reasons that a render can run out of memory. Too many lamps, shadows, large render window size, and polygons to process. It is also possible that a library part is erroneously recursive and exceeds the limits of stack depth. Additionally, there are parts of the render that are performed monolithically and these processes can exceed the addressable space of the machine because the memory can't be subscribed in small installments and released. Example: You start to render an image and the error message comes up. What to do? Try to reduce the window size, and resolution, turn off the lamp in the rendering settings, and try to use the Polygon counter tool to see if there are more like millions of polygons.

An error occurred in the following add-on: OpenGL

Possible reason: the OpenGl Add-on will crash or some other .dll. Example: when opening the 3D window What to do? It might be caused by a faulty model, in this case, we can find a workaround.

The file you are trying to open is damaged! Do you want Archicad to try recovering it?

Possible reason: The file is physically damaged. Usually, the file can not be fixed, it all depends on how many percent the file is useful. In some cases after Recovering it, the file can be opened but some parts, sections, elevations, or other data will be deleted and recovered. In the most common cases after the error messages, the next alert is info about the deleted items. Example: while opening the file What to do? Try to recover the file if it's possible. In some cases, there might be no data loss but in some cases, the file is almost unusable. We used to write and say often, physically damaged files. The reasons can be:
  • hardware error
  • the file was stored on the server and the file operator system does not work properly and the read and write will cause damage
  • simply drop the Winchester or the laptop
  • the storage of the file was on a DVD or a CD for example for a long long time and it got damaged

Bad indexed value reference at line … in the Master script of file … .gsm

Possible reason: The problem in the Interactive Schedule is caused by the Basfönster_Fast 11 element. It seems that the 3D can handle this problem but not the schedule. There is a parameter error in the .gsm. Example: you try to open a Schedule What to do? In the most common cases if the user reports this to the partners we, Technical support can start investigation and find the wrong parameter.

Cannot start interprocess communication server

Possible reason: More often than not, this is caused by virus checkers (got Norton?) that monitor communication between applications. This feature should be disabled in the Virus checker. Example: start a new instance of Archicad. What to do?: disable the Virus checker

Consistency Checking error

Possible reason: Before using the save command the data will be checked and in those data's might be some error. In this case, this alert or some similar alert can appear on the screen. Example: What to do? The best is to use the Save Anyway command. In this case, the best is to save but control the file afterward to see if everything is best. In some cases, the zones can be faulty so we have to recreate or delete them but there are several options for the same alerts.

Error processing the Archicad data. Error code=-2130312712

Possible reason: related to the inner workings of a program Example: opening the attached DWG file What to do? Those codes are related to the inner workings of the program and the numbers mean different wrong situations. Each number needs to be converted in a special program and sometimes one number has a different meaning. We do not have a list of those numbers but we can start an investigation into those cases to find out more about the problem. In some cases, the fonts are not converted properly but in some other cases, the situation is more complex.

Some library parts have not been loaded...

Possible reason: The identification of library elements in AC12 is based on GUID. In the file, the placed element does not refer to its name as it was placed after its GUID. The error message does not makes any problem but the user needs to know that Archicad can resolve this situation only based on the actual library. Example: When I initially open a .pln in version 12 I get the attached error message. All the library parts I loaded in 12 are the same parts I load in version 11 without a problem. Most of the parts originated from version 8. What to do? Archicad can resolve this situation only based on the actual library.

Not enough edges in generatrix (SW-001)

Possible reason: For example when intersecting a wall and a curtain wall while the 3D conversion we create a prism that will cut the wall. (prism is a Prisma in GDL which is a base polygon that is raised upwards). When generating the prism the base polygon is faulty so will come up this error message created due to the prism conversion. In the ( ) sign is placed the converted object ( in this case the wall) with its Listing and Labeling ID. If a GDL object gives bad data to a generator (for example prism) then we can write which gsm 3d script caused the error. Example: the intersection of a wall Curtain wall or etc... What to do? Move or recreate the wall.

Polygon is degenerated


Wrong hole definition

Possible reason: The polygon is not created properly. Example: For example it intersects itself. What to do? Try to avoid using these polygons or when the error message appears look after the specific element ( ID) and try to recreate or correct it.

Failed IFC export from Revit with a file name containing special characters

troubleshooting entry Possible reason: Functional bug. What to do? The utility function handling the extra characters in file names is planned to be fixed in a future hotfix. In the meantime, it is advised to avoid the usage of localization-specific, special characters in file names.

Invalid mesh, Memory Full

troubleshooting entry
Possible reason: A degenerated Mesh element can't be calculated on the Floor Plan Example: When moving one point of a mesh polygon onto another (not adjacent) point of the same polygon, the mesh does not fall into two separate pieces as expected. What to do? The algorithm governing this code is planned to be fixed in Archicad 18 In the meantime, it is advisable to avoid moving mesh polygon points on top of one another. If the intended result for the mesh is to be cut into two separate entities, please be aware that modeling them separately is advisable with regard to this issue.

Drawing error occurred

troubleshooting entry
Possible reason: The "Insulation 01" fill is generated in Archicad16 with its origin placed far from the fill itself. Large distances create a problem in these latest versions of Adobe Reader. Example: Starting with the Adobe Reader version 11.0.01 on Mac, Pdf-s will not open if containing any far from the origin "Insulation 01" fill. Such Pdf-s will only render partially and upon opening, an error message appears with the text: drawing error occurred. Pdf-s saved on Windows and/or opened in Preview are exempt from this behavior. What to do? The code governing the distance between the fill and its origin will be altered so that the distance between the two shortens. In the meantime, it is advisable to
  • avoid the use of the "Insulation 01" fill
  • manually move the origin of the filling closer

Archicad environment: Sorry, Archicad cannot run on this computer

Possible reason: You open Archicad and you got the following error message because you renamed the template in the default folder. Example: For example, you give another name to your personal template in the Default folder. What to do? I guess you can move it to another location but after you need to show the path manually but rename you can not. Please add the same name to your special template as in the AC12 default.

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