User Interface - Troubleshooting Guide

Akos Karoczkai

ARCHICAD 19 Solo is flashing on every zoom/pan


ARCHICAD 19 Solo USA language version may blink noticeably whenever the program redraws the 2D views (Floor Plan, Section/Elevation) on Macs with Retina Display. Solution Drag the slider of the 2D Drawing Hardware Acceleration to Full in the Work Environment's Advanced Redraw Options section.

Certain Palettes (e.g. Photorendering Settings and Renovation) can't be opened


When you try to open certain palettes (e.g. Photorendering Settings Palette), nothing happens. The functions still work, you just can't reach the palette.


The palettes actually open, they just open out of the visible screen area. This is usually because you used your computer with multiple displays, and when you quit ARCHICAD, the palette was on the other screen, so that's the stored place of the palette.


Unfortunately, the palettes' positions are not stored in the Work Environment, but in some system files, so resetting the Work Environment won't do the trick. You need to connect a display to your computer again, and move the palette back to the main screen manually. If for some reason the above doesn't help, please contact your local support for help.

The External Conent Menu is missing from the File menu in ARCHICAD 19 Solo edition


The External Content menu is missing from the File menu therefore the Place External Drawing command and the Drawing Manager menu is also missing from the default Work Environment.


Workaround: The Drawing Manager can be accesed from the Navigator or the Organizer.
The Place External Drawing command can be placed in the File menu or any other menu through the Options - Work Envrionment - Menus dialog.

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