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Windows Scheduling to wrong home story

James HC

OK, So I've got some windows which are set to a home level/story which isn't scheduling correctly.


They're linked to FF FFL, but schedule as GF PPT (below FF FFL) level, even with the host walls are assigned to FF FFL as their host story.

Yes the walls go below FF FFL (with a negative home offset).


Any clever ideas?


This is with Archicad 23 on a Mac.

Somewhat related, the one of the windows won't show up on the floor plan if I set the sill height above 399mm, even though wall is set to Projected and Floor Plan Range, and the cut plane is set to 1150 above the home story (FF FFL), of which the window most definitely 'cuts' through. I would like it to actually correctly schedule at a sill height of 400 but this just makes the window disappear of the floor plan completely.

As a side note, I feel I must say, compared to other programs (Revit for example) the way Archicad handles multiple (split and reference) storeys seems to be rather poor, especially with RCPs for example.


Andrii Levko

I was solving this problem if in Dialog Setting of the wall / Floor Plan and Section / Floor Plan Display, I set Cut only or Symbolic Cut for the wall on which these windows are placed.

AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010
Win11 | Ryzen 5600 | 16 GB | GTX 1650

Andrii Levko

I have highlighted such windows using a Graphic Override by Home Story.


After Cut only or Symbolic Cut


AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010
Win11 | Ryzen 5600 | 16 GB | GTX 1650

Hi Andrii,


Unfortunately if I set the settings you mention above, all the details of the window in the plan view are lost. 

No frame, sill, glazing line, etc. shows up. I can confirm it does display with the right sill height however.

This is what it looks like:


It should look like this:


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