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X-ref layers

Tom Krowka
Question regarding xref.

I have an original autocad drawing, which I have modified by eliminating many layers. When I update the xref in ArchiCad, all the original layers remain. Is there any way I can automatically delete the unused layers. There are approximately 75 unused, 20 used.
The only way I can see to do this is manually, by listing what is used in the original then deleting the others in the Archicad xref. Very time consuming.
Tell me there is an easier way please.

Tom Krowka Architect

Windows 11, AC Version 26


archiCAD is not (at present in 8.x) deleting x-ref layers automatically when the x-refs are updated (or even unloaded in their entirety!)

your best bet is to delete the x-refs in question completely, then delete all of the layers associated with them and re-import the amended DWGs from scratch.

see the whinge:

and the wish:

better still - call your consultant(?) and talk through with them just which information you would like from them in DWG format. i have found that 10 minutes on the phone every now and then discussing the way each other works, the kind of information we need from each other, and the preferred format/file set-up saves HOURS of fiddling around with DWGs cleaning them up every time they are updated . . .

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