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Zone tool calculation to core elements

I am trying to get my zones to calculate areas & info to the core elements of my walls (instead of the finish) and cannot find any settings to do so. Any ideas?
Daniel del Nido
AC6.0-AC19 AUS; Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit

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I haven't tried this but try changing your partial structural display options to core only and then edit: update zones

Just a guess, if not looks like you'll need to manually edit zone boundaries.

Just a query as to why you need this area, I have never needed to calculate this for any development

Best of luck


Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
The Zone Boundary recognition algorithm does not take Partial Structure Display setting into consideration.
There is only three options: consider Wall faces as Zone Boundaries, consider Wall Reference Lines as Zone Boundaries, or draw Zone Boundaries manually.

I can see a wish here: provide additional Zone Boundary Recognition options for Zones:

1. Make them respond to changes in Partial Structure Display settings.
2. Option to consider inside face of Wall finishes as Zone Boundaries (so Finishes are calculated as part of Zone area).
3. Option to consider faces of Wall core as Zone Boundaries (so we can get Zone Areas with Structures only.
4. There may be more useful ones...
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