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Project data & BIM
Read articles about BIM-based management of attributes, schedules, templates, favorites, hotlinks, projects in general, quality assurance, etc.


Polygon Reduction in Archicad

If your model is feeling laggy or sluggish, especially in 3D, it may be due to a high number of polygons in the model and on-screen. For example, when navigating in 3D, there is a drop of frames (image stutters).This article can help you to identify,...

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Archicad 25 sudden file size increase

With Archicad 25 Graphisoft has implemented many exiting new features and improvements. For more information please visit this page . Symptoms At the same time the released Archicad 25 3002 build has raised an issue (DEF-6049), some projects might su...

Freeze - Troubleshooting Guide

A "freeze" or "hang" is the state of the program when it does not respond to the operating system. A situation when Archicad does not respond to user actions (You see the hourglass on PC or the beachball on Mac ) does not necessarily mean it's frozen...

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How to optimize a project's file size

Although a project's performance is the most important, sometimes the large size of a file can be a problem. This article helps you learn what data is stored in a file and how to achieve a balanced BIM project that does not occupy more storage space ...

How to Optimize Your Project Performance

As projects evolve, they naturally become more and more complex and detailed. Also approaching deadlines might shift the focus from precise modeling to getting the job done. These might result in heavier files than necessary, that can slow down your ...

Optimizing Mesh Performance

Factors that Affect Performance The mesh tool is great way to create topographic volumes within a project. It can also hinder performance if used incorrectly. Meshes that are overly complex take much longer to regenerate due to the number of polygons...

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3D Navigation - Incremental Drawing

What is Incremental Drawing? If the speed of the 3D-explore falls below a predetermined value, ARCHICAD starts to leave out elements during the navigation. It continues until the speed reaches again the desired one. It eventuates working faster with ...

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Elements are disappearing during 3D navigation

Affected version: 22 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 243380 Issue During navigation in 3D with ARCHICAD 22, some elements can disappear temporarily. It can be experienced that opening the same project with ARCHICAD 21 and 22 on the same compu...

Polygon Counting Tool Add-On (PolyCount)

PolyCount is an ARCHICAD add-on that helps you control the number of 3D polygons in your ARCHICAD models. This tool can be used effectively if the project size or the limited physical memory of your computer makes the 3D model size a critical factor ...

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Check Duplicates Add-On

This ARCHICAD Add-On can find, select, or delete items sharing the same parameters (type, color, thickness, height, etc...) and occupying the same spot on the floor plan. Unwanted doubles are typically created by either accidentally double-clicking a...

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Polygon Counting Tool

The complexity of a plan, especially the 3D model mainly depends on how many polygons it contains. Polygons are the most basic 2 dimensional plain geometric elements that form the 3D model. Polygon Counting Tool is an ARCHICAD add-on that helps you c...

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Archicad 19 Performance Troubleshooting Guide

Even though Archicad 19 is faster than ever, performance related issues can come from various causes. Most of these issues can be due to the insufficient Software/Hardware availability or the way how the project is created in Archicad. Depending on t...

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ARCHICAD 18 performance troubleshooting guide

Performance related issues can come from various causes. Most of these issues can be due to the insufficient Software/Hardware availability or the way how the project is created in ARCHICAD. Depending on the nature of the issue you experience check t...

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ARCHICAD 17 performance troubleshooting guide

Slowdown on MacBook Pro Retina with Trace containing a Drawing Issue Pan, zoom, navigation and creation of new elements can be extremely slow on machines with high resolution screens when the Trace & Reference is turned on and contains a drawing. Upd...

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Typical 3D and 2D Speed Problems - Troubleshooting Guide

3D Summary of Typical problems Too many polygons count number of polygons with PolyCounter tool (Help menu > ARCHICAD [version] Downloads) to determine polygon count find objects with too many polygons watch out for objects coming from 3DS, C4D forma...

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