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Educational License - Frequently Asked Questions

Giovana Benvenuto
Graphisoft Moderator
Graphisoft Moderator

We have compiled in this article the most essential and often questions that students and educators might face during the educational license steps.
If you want to learn how to get your Edu License, Install and Activate your Archicad or Renew your Educational License, please check out this article!


What is an Educational license?

The Educational License was created to support Students, Teachers, and Schools on their school projects. They can have the opportunity to engage with BIM Technology at the earliest stage of the profession: during their studies. Architecture schools and academic institutions are entitled to equip their computer labs with the educational version of Archicad. 

We offer free access to GRAPHISOFT products – available globally to students, teachers, and educational institutions and can apply for full-year extensions as the person is still eligible. 

What is the difference between Archicad Update x Archicad Upgrade?

An upgrade is the complete installation of a new version. For example, if you have Archicad 25 installed on your computer and want to upgrade to Archicad 26.  An upgrade always means switching to a higher version number.

You can upgrade via your myArchicad account. As soon as a button with the inscription "Upgrade" appears in the "My Software" section, you can click on it and request the upgrade. If the button is not displayed, there is currently no upgrade available.

You can follow the instructions about the upgrade here: Educational License: Step-by-step - Graphisoft Community

An update is about improvements/bug fixes on an Archicad version. For example, you have Archicad 25 build 3001 and want to update it to Archicad 25 build 5010. 

You can easily find out if an update is available for your Archicad version by starting Archicad > Help (menu bar) > "Check for updates". You'll then be taken to a website that displays all the updates available for your version. You can download them directly for free.  

If you want to learn more about it you can check this article: About Archicad Updates - Graphisoft Community


Commercial Archicad Trial or Archicad Educational? What should I choose?


Professional Use (Trial) Educational Use
Anyone can apply with a GRAPHISOFT ID Available only for Students and Teachers with a valid student or teacher ID
Valid for 30 days Valid for 1 year, and can be extended till the end of your studies free of charge.
Full modeling capabilities Full modeling capabilities
Files written by the professional trial version are encrypted and can only be opened on the computer where they were created. Educational project files can be opened with any version of Archicad on any computer, but have an irremovable “Educational” watermark.
The files can be converted to commercial project files by purchasing a commercial license and opening them with the protection key on the computer they were written. Educational project files can be opened with a commercial version of Archicad, in which case Archicad switches to Educational mode and the watermark will be present.
Teamwork functionality is available but limited, as files can only be opened on the same computer where they were saved.

Teamwork (BIMcloud Basic) functionality is available for all the projects shared in an educational mode



What happens with my license after I graduate?

You can use your Edu license until the expiration date, but only for educational purposes.

If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please purchase a license. In addition, for those who have used the educational edition, contact your Local Contacts – Graphisoft to check the promotions and availability of a commercial version offered at a special price.


What are the requirements and how can I get an EDU license?

To be able to get your license you must be a student, or teacher with active status at the university.

Learn more about how to get it in this article: Educational License: Step-by-step.

What should contain in the affiliation academic document?

This document should contain the basic data about your connection educational institution and clearly shows your field of study. Documents that can be submitted: 

  • Transcript of Records of your University
  • Student/faculty ID
  • Certificate/letter of enrolment issued by the university

What data should contain in this document: 

  • Full name of the student
  • University's name
  • Field of Study
  • Date of when this document was issued or the validity of the document (to prove this an up-to-date document).
Why my license could not be approved? What should I do now?

Usually, the license can not be approved when there is missing or incorrect information or it was not sent the proof of eligibility, as mentioned on the topic above. If you get the email that "unfortunately we could not approve your license", don't worry, you can log in to your MyArchicad account, correct or complete the missing information/documentation and re-apply. 

Where can I find my serial number?

Your can find your serial number by login on Free architectural design software — Archicad download & registration (

Why did I not get my 30 days license? 
  1.  Some countries do not have a 30-day Edu license. Instead, you apply for a 1-year-license right away. If that is your case, your screen will look like this:
04 Student next window LICENSING BEING PROCESSED.png
  1. If your country provides the 30-day license but you did not get the serial number is because you have registered as a School instead a Student. If that is your case, please contact your local partner you may find their contact on "Get in touch" (top right on the screen). Your screen might look like this:

School _ wait for approval.png


Why my serial number is not working?

If you have trouble activating your serial number please check this troubleshooting article by clicking here.

I did not receive my serial number

The serial number is not sent by email. You can always check it by accessing your MyArchicad account. 

What languages versions can I have installed and how can I get them?

You can have as many different language versions installed on your machine as you want. The language version is connected to the country of residence that you choose when you are creating your Graphisoft ID. For example, if you are leaving in Luxembourg which has more than one official language, you will get access to the options of Deutschland, French, and also the International (English) version, and each version will have its serial number.


I forgot my password.

Your data is connected to your Graphisoft ID account, which means that if you forgot or want to change your password, it should be done by the Graphisoft ID page. You can follow the guides on the link below:


How can I change MyArchicad account email, my country of residence, or my password?

All these changes can be done on the profile page

You can follow the steps in this guide at the link below: 

  1. To change your country of residence just select from the drop-down list. 
  2. Where can I change my email address
  3. or password for my Graphisoft ID?
profile gs.png

I want a different Archicad language version.

To have access to another language version of Archicad, please switch your region to the desired language region. You can change your region at under Personal details and choose the desired region from the drop-down list.

If none of the above tips could resolve your issue, please contact your local partner directly. On your profile on the MyArchicad webpage > Get in touch. As shown in the image below:

Get inn touch.pngThis article had the contribution from the Knowledge Base of our offices in Tokyo and Munich. Access their content on: 

Archicad Educational Edition – GRAPHISOFT Japan Knowledge Center

German FAQ / Archicad Educational Version Help – Wildcads (


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