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macOS and Archicad

Ghaleb Khadra

Please read this article carefully before you proceed to upgrading your macOS to the latest version.

How Things Generally Go:

Software vendors are constantly working on maintaining compatibility with the latest Operating Systems. Graphisoft SE is no different in this case when it comes to Apple and their Operating Systems.

Whenever Apple releases their new macOS Beta, Graphisoft SE starts testing its products on the new macOS to identify critical changes. Nonetheless, Apple is continuously changing and improving their Operating System, and Graphisoft SE is reacting to these changes so naturally time is required to adapt to them.

For the above reason, this article was created to provide recommendations for you when it comes to upgrading the Operating System to the newest one.


As a rule of thumb, we advise to wait 6 months after the Public Release date of the newest macOS version.

Why Wait?

It is common that the initial release of any new product comes with unexpected issues yet to be identified. The more time passes with users testing the product, the more issues will naturally surface. (This is not exclusive to Apple macOS or Archicad but applies generally to all new products). Consequently, those issues will get addressed resulting in a stable finalized product. Therefore, the 6-month advised period gives both Apple and Graphisoft SE time to finalize their Operating System and Archicad respectively.

The Workflow Cycle:

  • June/July/August - Beta Release of a new macOS version: When Apple releases their Beta version of the new macOS, Graphisoft immediately begins testing its products on the new macOS. This is when Graphisoft SE finds the most critical issues, and work on addressing the compatibility issues with the changes of the new operating system commences. However, we do not recommend using Archicad for production purposes during this phase as things are still in a Work-In-Progress phase.
  • September/October/November - Public Release of a new macOS version: Once the final version of the new macOS is out, Graphisoft SE releases updates to address the critical issues discovered during the macOS Beta testing phase. Please keep in mind that more issues are expected to arise as people begin heavily using the new macOS and Graphisoft's products simultaneously. Identifying, fixing, and testing these issues will take time as it is naturally not possible to predict changes not yet implemented. We recommend Archicad users working on business-critical projects to wait until the March/April/May period.
  • March/April/May - 6 months after the macOS Public Release: This is when things settle down, and both Apple and Graphisoft SE had time to release their updates to address the issues found in the previous periods. At this stage, you can freely and safely evaluate upgrading your computer's operating system to the newer one.

Good to Keep in Mind:

  • The absolute safest option would be to use Archicad on the Operating System it was designed to run on. Each Archicad version has its own set of System Requirements, which we advise to follow.
  • Only the 2 most recent versions of Archicad receive updates. This means that any prior version might not work properly or at all on the newer Operating Systems.
  • If you decide to upgrade the Operating System to the newest one, it is always a good idea to have a full system backup of your computer. Unexpected issues might surface on your computer after the upgrade, and these issues are not exclusive to Archicad only, but they may occur with other applications or even with your data.
  • If you upgrade to the newest macOS but something went terribly wrong at some point, it is always possible to rollback to the previous state using your full system backup. However, any new data which has not been backed up will be lost. For this reason, please act accordingly and make sure to back up any important data before proceeding.

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