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AC23 Crash clicking send&receive button on team-work

Hi, in AC 23 we report a fatal crash clicking send&receive button on team-work palette (two iMacs 5K -MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 - AC23 3003 - Bimcloud basic 2019-4)
The problem occur only opening any exiting AC22.pln files. No crash problems with new AC23 files

the report crash link:

p.s. We have tried to delete these files with no success:
~/Library/Preferences/Graphisoft/AC 23.0.0 ITA v1- (delete folder)
~/Library/Preferences/com.Graphisoft.AC 23.0.0 ITA v1.plist – (delete file)
~/Library/Caches/Graphisoft - (delete folder)
~/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft – (delete folder)

Thanks in advantage for your help.

Fabio Ferrini

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Fabio,

I'm sorry to hear you have this issue.

Last time we heard about this kind of crash, we could not replicate it, and investigations was stuck at that point. What is strange, that for other users, preferences cleaning did the job, and fixed the issue.

Is it possible to send me a direct message to discuss further steps?

Thank you,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

Hi nbalogh, thanks for your interest. I’m sorry about my poor English, I hope you understand. We have two iMac 5k and one Mac mini working as a server with bimcloud basic running simultaneously the 22 and 23 modulo 2019.4. We have a lot of personal libraries.
Proceeding to upgrade to 23 first of all, we had exported our library from server 22 to desktop than imported them to server 23. Then we had open any AC22 files from the 22 server and save every file as .pln and than open in 23. Opening the file we received the message “would you like to consolidate?..ecc” clic yes and received the message: “unable to replace objects from off-line server” so we open library manager in AC23 and then select every missing single library and clic the replace button. Note that: if we replace AC23 standard library uploaded from the server the results is a file with all 23 objects missing... we must use bottom “consolidate library” and use the local AC 23 standard library located on iMac5K. Some files (the bigger one 700/900 mb) crashes immediately during opening or substitution process. some files crash after 5 sec. starting the first share process to server. We had a call with our Italian seller assistance. He suggested to delete all files described on the post. After that we are able to open the file and working for some minutes in teamwork and send and receive our work, then AC23 fatally crash in both iMac 5k. Thanks for your help. Fabio Ferrini

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