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BIMcloud Project File - Missing Library


Hi all,


We have encountered an issue where on BIMcloud we saved a consultant file and are placing it into a site model as hotlink. In order to keep the file small and project running faster, we saved the library as a separate library file and stored on the BIMcloud project folder too. 


The issue is every time when we need to update this file with the latest IFC we receive from the consultant, it somehow doesn't like to read the library file that's associated to it on the BIMcloud, even if it's still linked and in the same place. 


We also tried replicate this same file. When opening it the library is still missing too - even though it's still there with the same name on the BIMcloud... 


We don't seem to be able to understand why it's doing it. 


Anyone experienced this before or have any thoughts on this? 

MacBook Pro M1 2020 8GB Memory | macOS Monterey 12.3.1