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BS reverting to STOPPED

Rod Jurich
Since installing hotfix#2 INT I am having difficulty in the BS to stay RUNNING.

After starting, it is reverting to STOPPED within a few seconds.
When opening the BS Control Centre it shows as stopped but after clicking
Start Server it instantly shows as RUNNING.

Close window and in that time it has reverted to STOPPED.

Has anybody experienced any difficulty as I describe since hotfix#2 INT?

Client and server are build 3235.

Although it shows as Running when sharing it tells me that I am offline.
Rod Jurich
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We have had a problem with this when then systemports that BIM server are using is already occupied by other software. this will cause the BIM server to "hang" and remain offline. As far as i know the iss no way to reserve spesific port to BIM server. The problem is report to GS here i n Norway. Hopefully there will be a fix for this.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
In the Advanced Settings panel of the BIM Server Preferences Dialog you can set specific port numbers.
Just make sure that if you change the Discovery port then you need to change it also in the Network and Update page of the Work Environment Dialog.
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Erika Epstein
When assigning ports Graphisoft told us we did not have to assign the discovery port. This is also in the wiki. I haven't re-assigned this port and, fingers crossed, am not having this problem.
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