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Can't see other user on teamwork

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Since two weeks we are not able to see other user on the project. Anyone have a idea about the problems.


aaron wrote:
We had same problem and received the advice below which fixed it.

The Mailboxes.db is damaged. You have to delete it:
- Go to the server manager
- Stop the server
- Go to Program Files/Graphisoft/BIM Server/BIMcloud server 18/Mailboxes folder, and delete the Mailboxes.db file
- Go back to the server manager
- Start the Server

This should fix the communication issues.
Thank you very much Aaron, we could solve the problem following your steps.
Dhaval Shah
Upto AC 22
iMacs and MacBookPros: Mac OS X (10.6 to 10.12, Intel core 2 Quad to i5, i7, 8 GB to 16GB)
Win 10, AMD Opteron 6-Core x 2, 16GB, FirePro W4100 2GB
& ThinkPad E550
& i7, 8GB

we are on Bimserver 20. This solution worked for us.
ArchiCAD 20. MacBook Pro 17", 2010
+ core i7 4970k Hackintosh

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