Certification Warning Appears in BIMx When Joining a Project from BIMcloud

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin


When a user tries to log in to a project in BIMx, where BIMcloud is hosted in a secured environment (HTTPS is enabled), one might see the following warning message:



BIMx relies on built-in trusted certifications of the mobile device. When a BIMcloud is running in an environment where certification is either self-signed or not part of the official trusted certifications of the OS, BIMx warns users to be careful.


As a quick solution, you can ignore the message by clicking on Continue. BIMx stores settings and will not warn again unless the application is reinstalled.

As a long term solution, you can find the list of trusted certifications for Android and iOS in the below links:

List of trusted certifications on iOS
List of trusted certifications on Android

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