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Do you need to install BIM Server to use Teamwork?

My office is looking to upgrade computers and ArchiCAD versions. Do you need to install BIM Server to use Teamwork functions in ArchiCAD 16? Obviously, BIM server gets much praise; however, it would require the purchase of an additional computer just to run the 64-bit Bim Server. Our existing file server is a dual PowerPC 450 MHz PowerMac--it does fine for a file server, but lacks the requirements to run Bim Server.

Everything in our office is outdated. We are running ArchiCAD 10 on PowerPC Macs. I am frustrated with the limitations of memory in a 32-bit ArchiCAD and the lack of multiprocessor support with ArchiCAD 10.
ArchiCAD 25

Windows 10

Karl Ottenstein
Yes, you must install BIM Server (BS) to use Teamwork ... BS manages all files and communications.

However, BS does not have to run on its own machine in a very small office. If you only have a couple of users, it can run on somebody's (very well-equipped) workstation. It is not 'server' software per se that runs on a 'server' OS / computer. However, speed would be severely impacted if BS ran on one machine and the files were located on another file server (PPC or not) on the network - so do follow the recommendations here:

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