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Extracting Data from BIMcloud server


Is it possible to extract file size data out of the BIMCloud server ?
We work on a lot of concurrent projects, of quite a complicated nature and regularly find some files seem to get quite large and cumbersome to use (especially when IFC's have been included in the file) and would like a way of trying to quickly identify any files that may need to be looked at before they cause too many delays through slow processing. We have found that reloading a bloated file can often reduce file size by a half or more so want to keep on top of this. With the amount of folders and files we have (across multiple servers, inhouse and hosted) it is a time consuming process to search through them individually looking for outliers.

My plan is to be able to extract this data, hopefully automatically on a weekly basis, and have it linked to a Power BI file which will identify the largest files and those which have grown significantly so we can take a look at them and take action as necessary to rectify any problems.

Not sure if this is something that the ArchiCAD API could help with ?
Tony Fitzpatrick
Head of BIM

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Have you tried BIMcloud logs and diagnostic data.
Hope this helps.
good hint, we have same issues and will try to access those files with Power BI too.
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
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There is also a BIMcloud API:

I don't know at what stage of development it is or if it can do what you try to do, but it may be worth checking out.
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