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Formatting TeamWork activities in excell CSV

Hi all, this is a excell related issue, but lets see if somenoe can help me with this...

Iam trying to make a report of teamwork activities in excel,

In order to accomplish that, i export teamwork activities as CSV file and import it to excel as a text data, then parse it dividing information in columns. Thats ok...

Now, i'am having troubles with the DATE format, its in a cell, and it looks like this

Sun Jun 12 2016 17:44:06 GMT+0200 (Hora de verano romance)

i cant figure out how to make excel interpret correctly the date. I guess its a regional formatting issue or something related...

I tried to parse the string with DATE() function,

but excel wont recognize 3 letters representation of the month as a proper month format...

i'am working with english version of excel and instead, my operating system is in spanish with spanish regional settings.

any advice would be appreciated.

P.S. Is it possible to change the DATE format of activities for CSV export?
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