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New Features on BIMcloud as a Service (BIMcloud 2021.3)

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

As part of the upcoming BIMcloud as a Service (BIMcloud 2021.3) update, we are introducing two new features that make working with BIMcloud even more flexible and efficient!


Graphisoft ID Based Licensing


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your company is working with another office, and you can’t agree on licensing costs?


Enjoy greater flexibility in managing your users and licenses with our new Graphisoft ID based licensing! Connect colleagues and partners with their Graphisoft ID accounts, assign licenses to them or ask them to use their own.





For additional details, check out our article in this topic.


BIMx Hyper-models on BIMcloud


Last year with BIMcloud 2020.2 we introduced the file server functionality, which allows you to upload or publish BIMx Hyper-models directly to your BIMcloud, enjoying the benefits of its versatile permission system. The only thing you might have missed was the possibility to check the content of your BIMx Hyper-models without downloading them to your device.


Good news! The latest BIMcloud as a Service update has enhanced the workflow and integrated the well-known BIMx Web Viewer right inside BIMcloud!




–You’ll get the best of both worlds – explore your models while controlling accessibility and get as much storage for your models as needed. Collaboration with colleagues and clients is easy, thanks to the same size allowances as the BIMx Model Transfer site.

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