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Teamwork & BIMcloud
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I generally have a mix of teamwork, and solo projects open at the same time. I opened a solo project and some of the objects (plumbing) were greyed out when I selected them. They couldn't be changed, they couldn't be erased or moved. Is there anything that can be done when something like this happens to get access to those objects. This plan never was a teamwork project. I have had some of the same problems with jobs that were teamwork and then saved to a solo pln file. The only work around that I could come up with was to make a new layer change all the other objects that were on the same layer as the problem object and then turn the old layer off in all the views as required.

do we need some command "purge all teamwork functions"?

Karl Ottenstein
Are you sure it is a teamwork issue, Gary? A similar behavior can result if you had saved a selection-as-module with the checkbox to replace the original elements with a reference to the module, and if grouping is suspended.
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