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Restoring old cache files

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After losing some data/work I have been racking my head as to how to get the work back. In my search I found 2 files (0E785483-97A1-4631-8B4E-6FE775480350.cache and 0E785483-97A1-4631-8B4E-6FE775480350.cache.restore). Both of these files have the same "name" except for the .restore on the second. They also were last modified on the same date and time which was 2 days before the loss of data. I found these files here - C:\Users\Dr Who\AppData\Local\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD-64 Cache Folder\ArchiCAD-64 17.0.0 INT R1\PermanentCache. My gut feel is that these cache files contain the missing information for the lost work. Can anyone tell me how I can use these files to see if it is the information I am missing? Basically I would like to open the files as a new project so that it won't cause any problems with the project as it is now (even though it is broken). As always all help is appreciated and thank in advance.
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
I'm sorry to say this but those cache files contain nothing of value for you. They contain only information that is useful for avoiding a few calculations when opening a plan file but they certainly do not contain the plan itself.