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"Received data cannot be merged into your local copy"

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I have a teamwork file in v21 that is getting this error message every few days. It initially only occurred for one user but is now affecting multiple users.

I have deleted the local teamwork data for each user which helps for a couple of days but it always comes back. First time I've encountered this and can't find any info online.

Any ideas?

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi ponaelius,

This could be caused by a corrupted element or database connecting to your project.

What I would try:
1. Ask all users to send data
2. Save a .pln from a user's machine where you still can Receive
3. Open the project with 'Open & Repair'
4. Re-share the project to the server

If it doesn't help, I would suggest to contact your local GRAPHISOFT Partner or send me a private message and we will try to sort this out.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

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Thanks Noémi,

I had tried re-sharing to no avail.

Turns out errors were coming from the “Downspout Complex” object, specifically the "M_DS" macro.

It seems it is possible to create a conflict with the length of the downspout and the thickness of the pipe, once I isolated and removed these, the teamwork error appears to have gone as well.

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I keep receiving this error on a very large teamwork project, causing all work done since last send/receive to be lost, unless I save down and manually copy elements/changes over to the teamwork file. How did you determine which object was giving you issues? This is a very large teamwork file and I can't delete elements one by one.
We have recently migrated the project to AC22, and in that process, saved down and open/repaired the file before migrating.
Thanks in advance!

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Make sure you have your work environment set to write reports. Then go to the 3D window and turn all layers/filters on and you'll most likely be interrupted with an error report which will tell you which part of the model is having issues.

It may be a model element such as a mesh/slab or it may be part of a library object which is generally a little trickier to fix.

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Thank you for the help. Turns out there were a lot of repeated errors in the report, and a lot of sneaky degenerated elements that I had to hunt down and eliminate. But great success! No more crashes since. Thanks all.

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