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BIMcloud Troubleshooting Guide

BIMcloud Server cannot be started Issue The BIMcloud Server is stopped and cannot be started any more. The BIMcloud Manager is still accessible from Archicad and from a browser as well. From version 19: although, the BIMcloud Control Icon shows that ...


Teamwork operations are slow

Related versions: v19 and newer Archicad users experience slow down or freeze during Teamwork operations (Send & Receive, Send, Receive, Reserve, Release) in teamwork projects. Possible reasons based on the frequency of occurrence Archicad or BIMclou...

BIMcloud Server is Not Accessible

Applies to: BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic from version 19 and above The status of the BIMcloud Server is Not Accessible, but the BIMcloud Manager is still accessible from Archicad or a browser. Users are not able to join projects. Joined projects indic...

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