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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Graphisoft Technology Preview Program 2024 - Frequently Asked Questions

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Welcome to the Graphisoft Technology Preview Program FAQ!

Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about participating in our Program.


Joining the Program

Who can join the Archicad 28 Technology Preview?

Anyone with a Graphisoft account is eligible to sign up for the Technology Preview program, even those who have just now created their Graphisoft account. If you don’t already have a Graphisoft ID account, please create one. Once you do, you can join the Technology Preview Program right away.

How can I download and start-up Archicad?

Let’s go to the download page. Here, you’ll find all the products available for you to download and test. Select your version based on your language preference and operating system and start the download. The Technology Preview cloud license is already attached to your individual Graphisoft ID account. After downloading, installing, and signing in with the same Graphisoft ID account, Archicad will be ready to use.

Will I receive a confirmation email after joining the Technology Preview?

No specific confirmation email will be sent.

Where is the Terms and Conditions document?

You can find the Terms and Conditions document here, which you accept by joining the Program.



Where can I find information about the new features?

Please find the New Features Articles in the Community Knowledge Base section, and check out the Technology Preview Webinar recording on the site.

Can I access any learning material?

Yes! We provide the Archicad Upgrade training free of charge for every Technology Preview participant. You can click on the menu 'Archicad 28 Upgrade Training', and enroll in the training on the Graphisoft Learn Portal.

Does Archicad 28 Technology Preview provide the same features as the commercial version?




Can I open my existing projects in the Archicad 28 Technology Preview?


  • Technology Preview can open the same versions as possible in the full commercial version of Archicad 28: projects from Archicad 17 and up. You will need to migrate your files and their data.
  • Technology Preview version can open Archicad files saved with Archicad 28 Beta (including updates)
  • Later Technology Preview updates can also open projects saved as Archicad 28 Technology Preview
Can I open projects/templates/libraries created in Archicad 28 Technology Preview later in the full commercial Archicad 28 version?

Yes, the files saved in the Technology Preview version (including Teamwork projects) can be opened in the full commercial version of Archicad 28 on anyone's computer. We recommend that you double-check the correctness of your project before opening it in the full commercial version of Archicad 28.

Can I save Archicad 28 Technology Preview files as Archicad 27 projects?
  • If you choose to use the Global Library -the one comes with Archicad 28 Technology Preview as default- then if you save the file as Archicad 27 project, objects will missing because Global Library objects are compatible only with Archicad 28 and above versions.
  • If you prefer to keep using the Monolith Library -the one in Archicad 27 and before- you have to unload the Global Library in the Library Manager and simply load the Archicad 27 library and Archicad 27 template. Then the file can be saved as Archicad 27 project. Also please make sure you save the files in Archicad 28 version before the Technology Preview period ends.
Is my existing company library compatible with this version?

Yes, if your existing company library is above Archicad 17, then Archicad 28 Technology Preview can load and read all library parts.

Can I update my company library with this version?

Yes, library parts created/updated with Archicad 28 Technology Preview will work with the full commercial version of Archicad 28. However, the Global Library is a fundamental technology change, therefore there is a migration cut between the current Monolith Library (Archicad 27) and the Global Library (Archicad 28+). Placed objects, tool defaults, favorites, and Model View Options (MVO) settings are not compatible. We recommend you to start using the Global Library when you completed your ongoing projects and you are about to start a new one. Until then you can still update to Archicad 28 and keep using the current Monolith Library. Once you make the transition, objects placed from the Monolith Library will be editable, but new objects can be placed only from the new Global Library.

Can I use the Technology Preview in parallel with earlier versions?

Yes, Archicad 28 Technology Preview can be installed and used in parallel with earlier versions of Archicad.

What are the system requirements for Archicad 28 Technology Preview?

Archicad 28 Technology Preview maintains the same hardware requirements as Archicad 27. For additional information, please refer to our system requirements page.

Concerning the operating system:

  • Windows: Archicad 28 Technology Preview supports Microsoft Windows 11 and Microsoft Windows 10, with a minimum Windows 10 build of 1809.
  • Mac: Archicad 28 Technology Preview support extends to macOS 13 (Ventura), as well as the latest operating system (macOS 14, Sonoma).
  • BIMcloud for Archicad 28 Technology Preview is also supported on Windows Server 2022.


Licensing and Eligibility

How do I start working with Archicad 28 Technology Preview?
  1. After you accept the Program Agreement, an Archicad 28 Technology Preview cloud license will be automatically assigned to your Graphisoft account.
  2. Download the Technology Preview from the program's page, and install it.
  3. Launch the Archicad 28 Technology Preview, and log in to your Graphisoft account, using the same Graphisoft ID that you used to accept the Program Agreement.
  4. The program automatically activates the cloud license on your computer and it is now ready to use.

Note: Internet connection is required for license activation, and also later to verify license validity.

Can I get more than one license for Archicad 28 Technology Preview?

Each Graphisoft account is eligible for a single Technology Preview cloud license.

Can I use Archicad 28 Technology Preview offline?

Yes, the cloud license gives you 7 days of offline use. The 7-day period is counted starting from the last time the Technology Preview had an internet connection.

Can I use the Technology Preview on multiple computers?

You can use the Technology Preview on one computer at a time, but thanks to a feature of the cloud license, your license can be released from one computer and activated on another one over the internet.

Follow these steps if you want to use Technology Preview on a second computer:

  1. On your second computer, install Archicad 28 Technology Preview and log in with your Graphisoft ID at startup. Archicad will display a "Device limit exceeded" dialog with a link that takes you to the License Entitlement Portal.
  2. On the License Entitlement Portal, simply click to release the license used by your first computer.
  3. On your second computer, click Refresh to reserve the license. The Technology Preview will now start.

Please note that if Archicad is still running on the first computer when you release the license, a message will prompt you to save your project, because the license for this computer is no longer available.

Is the license transferable to another person?

No, the Archicad 28 Technology Preview cloud license is not transferable to anyone else.

Can I use the Archicad 28 Technology Preview cloud license with previous Archicad versions?

No, the cloud license is only compatible with Archicad 28 Technology Preview.

How long can I use the Archicad 28 Technology Preview?

The Technology Preview program starts on the 10th of July, with International, US English, and German language versions. On the 17th of July, the Japanese, French, Spanish, Brazilian, and Italian versions will follow.

The Technology Preview uses cloud licensing technology. The cloud license will expire on the 20th of October.

What will happen when the license expires?

Archicad will notify you that the license has expired, and you can no longer use it.

If I am a 3rd party developer, how do I access the Development kit?

The Development Kit is available on the program's Downloads page, along with the other products.

Am I under any obligation if I download and try the Technology Preview version?

By registering for the Technology Preview Program, you must accept the Program’s User Agreement, which you can read here: Graphisoft Technology Preview Program Agreement

Will there be an update for the Technology Preview? Do I have to install those?

We might release updates for the Technology Preview, so we encourage you to keep the automatic “Check for Updates” function enabled. Follow the Community’s Technology Preview page for more information.



Can I try Teamwork with the Technology Preview version of Archicad?


  • You can use BIMcloud SaaS for Teamwork with Technology Preview, without any problem
  • For on-premises BIMcloud setup, we release a BIMcloud for Archicad 28 Technology Preview installer that can be used with your existing BIMcloud licenses, or without licenses as BIMcloud Basic
Can I update my existing on-premises BIMcloud with the BIMcloud for Archicad 28 Technology Preview version?

No, the BIMcloud for Archicad 28 Technology Preview version can be installed only as a standalone BIMcloud/BIMcloud Basic. You cannot use it to update BIMcloud versions, but updating BIMcloud for Archicad 28 Technology Preview to the next BIMcloud release will work.

Can I publish to BIMx Model Transfer from the Technology Preview?

Yes, Archicad 28 Technology Preview enables publishing to BIMx Model Transfer. You can use your company storage, similar to previous Archicad versions.

Which BIMx features does the Technology Preview include?

Hiding elements and layer control in the 3D model are the main BIMx features for this year. You can try them in the publicly available BIMx iOS&iPadOS app, only in Hyper-models exported from Archicad 28.

In Archicad 28:
A new “Use Layers in BIMx” checkbox appears in BIMx Publisher settings, enabled by default. Disable it if you wish to block layer-based element visibility control in all the 3D models included in the BIMx Hyper-model.

In BIMx iOS&iPadOS:
The following test functions will be available only in Hyper-models exported from Archicad 28. No worries; the palettes and hide functions will be fine-tuned for easier usage. The user interface is only a prototype. The main goal of involving you at such an early stage is to better integrate your insights into the first public release early October.

  • Hide and Hide layer functions added to the element context menu

  • Hidden label appears in the top left corner of the 3D window if you have any element(s) or layer(s) hidden

  • Hidden palette (opened from the Hiddel label) includes Unhide all and Invert hide functions

  • Hide/Show selection functions added to the Selection palette

  • Layers listed in "..." more options › Settings to show/hide elements with layers one-by-one. Layers that are not relevant in the 3D model are not listed. This is a temporary flat list, only for testing. The final Layers palette (which will also include Archicad’s layer folder structure) will be added in an upcoming BIMx update, allowing you to show/hide multiple layers with folder similarly to how Archicad works.

  • Layer Combinations listed in "..." more options › Settings. This is an experimental feature! Select another Layer Combination to hide all elements that are not visible in the 3D model’s original Layer Combination. Elements which are not included in the 3D View saved in Archicad will not appear in BIMx intentionally (3D content is controlled by You in View Settings). All Layer Combinations with 3D elements are listed in this prototype list. Please try it in your projects with multiple 3D models, or even reduce the number of 3D models thanks to Layer Combinations (in some cases, a single, full 3D model convers all the needs). Let us know your workflow, and describe in detail if/how you would like to use Layer Combinations in BIMx!

Note that all the above functions work on 3D model-level (3D View in Archicad). If your Hyper-model includes multiple 3D models (which ensure proper element intersections in the complete and accurate BIM data), you can use the 3D Model Switch, and optimize your BIMx Publisher set accordingly: multiple models are needed for different Design Options, Renovation Statuses, Graphic Overrides. If only some layers are different between 3D Views e.g. site on/off, including only one 3D in the Hyper-model might be enough.

Element hide and layer control is a huge topic with many potentials. To discuss your needs and questions in detail, please send us a mail to! 




Reporting Issues

I want to send feedback about Technology Preview (usability issues, other product-related comments)

Please use the Technology Preview Forum to report usability issues and other comments about the new features. This Forum is also a good place to communicate with your fellow testers and ask simple questions about the products. Graphisoft colleagues check the Forum regularly, and are happy to help you as well.

What shall I do if my license is not working?

Please get help from the Licenses FAQ page.

What shall I do if the program crashes or the program is otherwise not working as intended?

Please click the Report Issues button on the right side of the Community’s Technology Preview page and send us a ticket with your findings. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, that technical support of the Technology Preview is in English.

How can I use the software? Where is the user guide?

You can find the Help guides for Graphisoft products linked to the footer (bottom of each page) in Graphisoft Community.



Is there any recognition for giving feedback?

Yes! When the program ends, the most active users will be recognized and rewarded in three different categories.

  • For the most active Archicad usage, assessed based on usage time, the best testers will receive the Trailblazer title.
  • For reporting the most bugs and providing extensive feedback, we will assign the Detective titles.
  • The most active users on Graphisoft Community will receive the Community Hero title.

The top 10 testers in each of these categories will receive a specialized Graphisoft gift pack reflecting their achievements and titles. The overall top 5 testers will have the unique opportunity to meet and share their findings and feedback with our product managers in an exclusive online session. And last but not least, the best of the best will be rewarded with a brand-new iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil Pro!


When the Technology Preview is over

What will happen when the Technology Preview ends?

We will communicate with you continuously throughout the Technology Preview program, and let you know about upcoming deadlines or updates. You can use your Technology Preview cloud license until the 20th of October. After this date, the cloud license will expire, and you can no longer run the Technology Preview version.

How can I purchase Archicad 28 after the Technology Preview period is over?

Contact your Local Partner, or buy a subscription online: Where to buy

I want to purchase a license online, but the webshop tells me that the Graphisoft ID company I am a member of needs to be deleted. What is up?

If you signed up for the Technology Preview program with a standalone personal Graphisoft account, a temporary Graphisoft ID company was created for you, which was required to use the cloud license and online features of Archicad 28 Technology Preview. However, this Graphisoft ID company is not compatible with the webshop and must be deleted before purchasing the license. You can do this on the Graphisoft ID Company Management page.

Can I continue using the Technology Preview with my newly purchased Archicad 28 license?

No, the Technology Preview works only with its dedicated license.

When Archicad 28 is released, can I update the Technology Preview with that or will it be a clean install?

The commercial version of Archicad 28 will require a clean install.

However, BIMcloud for Archicad 28 Technology Preview will be updatable with the next BIMcloud release.


Graphisoft Technology Preview Program 2024 group

How can I mute notifications for a specific thread/topic in the Technology Preview group's forum?

To mute activities on a thread in the Technology Preview group on Graphisoft Community:

  1. Sign in to the Graphisoft Community using your account credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Technology Preview group's forum where the thread is located.
  3. Find the specific thread you want to mute.
  4. Open the Options menu associated with the thread (3 dotes).
  5. Click on "Mute" from the menu.
  6. The thread is now muted, and you won't receive notifications for new activities or replies in that thread.

Read more at How to mute activities for a specific thread/topic on Graphisoft Community.

Thank you for participating in our Technology Preview Program! Let’s get started and happy testing!

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