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3D Presentation Question

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Hello. I have been searching for a solution to this problem for a very long time and haven't found a single good answer so I'm posting here. I know other people have the same question, so here it is:

How to I remove the pen lines in 3D so that I can actually see the objects I place as I'm working on the project? The custom objects have so many lines that it completely covers the object and it just looks like a poorly-colored drawing (shown in the attached image). Preferably, I'd like to just have no pen lines in 3D at all. How do I go about doing this?

I need to present my 3D models in the best possible way. I'm not the best with using photorender yet as I'm pretty new to archicad, and some downloaded materials just come out as black since photorender doesn't recognize the material or something so that's not an option for me just yet.

Whenever I search for this issue, I usually get generic archicad help topics that don't help at all so any advice would be helpful.

Thank you!
This is what the 3D styles are for. You can hide object contours. Go to View/3D View Option/3D styles or from a shortcut on the bottom right of your screen.

Gorazd Rajh

AC 25, Ryzen 9 5900HS, 48 GB RAM, RTX 3080, Win 11
Alternatively, for heavy objects (poly heavy objects) with lots of edges and thus lots of contours, you could choose a custom contour line color that doesn't scream or drown out the object in lines (like, choose a colour that's less brighter like a dull grey or darker primary (green, red or blue) that fits the object in question).

It would be great if the visual styles options allowed for override function for custom objects with which you can select an object and and choose a custom override to have it not show contuors at all in the 3D window or to choose a different color from the fixed setting (like with the white model setting that has a fixed black colour for the contour edges).
There are situations when you want to use their visual styles straight for presentation but have no custom control over the line colours (or custom object line weights).